Notre sélection des 10 plus belles chaussettes de Noël

· By Armelle Hillairet

Our selection of the 10 most beautiful Christmas socks

That's it ! No more 25 degrees in October, temperatures are decreasing! You're going to say to me “Christmas is a long time away, there's Halloween first!”, but the cold still makes me want to wear socks (and I have a real passion for Christmas socks). So here are the 10 socks, in pairs or alone, that I found for you for this year!  

1. The Santa sock from Vertbaudet  

We start with a solitary sock! It's the perfect stocking for Christmas and children's favorite since it's the one that holds gifts , or chocolates! In addition, this sock is customizable , so it's a nice gift for the end of year holidays.  


2. The men’s Christmas socks box from Jules  

Socks are not the first thing we usually want to buy. So it’s a wonderful opportunity to offer this set of Christmas socks ! It's an original, nice and rather fashionable gift!  

Christmas sock box

3. The red Nevermore socks by Mylène Farmer  

I chose to add a few socks to this top, perhaps a little less Christmasy, but which can bring it to mind through their design ! And Mylène Farmer’s red Nevermore socks are the perfect example. They are perfect for all fans of the singer!  

Available here .

Mylene Farmer red sock

4 The snowman socks from the Sock Bar  

We are on a basic Christmas stocking with snowmen . The accompanying flakes and color inversion make these very cute socks for all foot sizes.  

Snowman socks

5. Leroy Merlin's hand-holding Christmas socks  

I don't know if you've seen them before but these hand holding socks are just adorable! For young and old alike, they dress your feet and tie them up for an evening.  

Tied Socks

6. Soft Christmas socks from H&M  

The basic Christmas stocking ! The softness of these socks is a must-have for winter! Plus, with 3 different designs, you have plenty to vary your style. I personally have a slight preference for sky blue, and you?  

Christmas socks

7. Legend socks from 47Ter  

Another pair of socks that isn't really Christmas... Although, if you think about it, Santa Claus is a bit of a legend, isn't he? These socks are for 47Ter fans or for young people who perhaps want to be considered legends...  

Available here .

socks 47 ter

8. Grinch socks for killjoys  

How can we talk about Christmas without talking about the Grinch ? And when I presented these socks to you, you must have thought of a person who often grumbles, right? Or maybe you thought of fans of Jim Carrey (he plays him in the famous film of the same name).  

Grinch Socks

9. Christmas sock slippers from Kiabi  

Finally, one of the last pairs of Christmas socks that is essential to have in your wardrobe: Christmas slippers ! They are soft, non-slip and children love them! A nice gift in perspective.

Christmas socks

10. Rock En Seine socks  

Well, you're going to tell me that these aren't Christmas stockings, I agree! But aren't they super pretty? For all the fans who went to rock out at the Rock en Seine festival this year, or who love the style and color blue, they are perfect!  

Available here 🧦

So, what are your favorite socks? Personally I want to buy soft Christmas socks... And possibly Grinch socks to play a joke on a loved one of course! 

Looking for other gift ideas? Here are lists of ideas: 



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