8 cadeaux pour homme

· By Armelle Hillairet

8 gifts for men

Finding a gift for a man is not always easy! And I can't blame you, I completely understand this situation, having experienced it, like you I suppose, every year. Whether it's my father, my grandfather, my brother or a friend, it's the same problem! And yet, the desire to offer a gift that makes you happy is always present (while avoiding lengthy searches) . This year, to help you, we have decided to offer a list of 8 gifts for men, from 18 to 90 years old! 

1. The hoodie from the album “Rêvalité” by Matthieu Chédid 

The perfect gift for men who adore Matthieu Chédid. The sweatshirt is sober and the “Rêvalité” album logo adds the ideal artistic touch. A gift suitable for all poets and fans of Matthieu Chédid.  

M's new album is another gem to listen to. Touching lyrics, musicality always on point. The collection of his album is available here , if you want more choice or create your own gift box.  

Mathieu chedid revalite sweatshirt

2. The black and red AC/DC t-shirt 

For men who were born in the 60s, how can you not love AC/DC? You can be sure to fall just right for rock fans by ordering the AC/DC logo t-shirt. 

AC/DC is particularly known for releasing huge hits in the 70s like “Highway to Hell” and “Back to Black”. They are one of the most influential and enduring bands in rock history. Available on Offstage.fr ! 

acdc t shirt

3. The Anthrax cap 

Continuing with rock gifts for men, I invite you to offer the Anthrax cap. Simple with the group logo, it is the perfect gift for metal fans.  

Indeed, if you don't know, Anthrax is an American thrash metal band , part of the famous "Big Four" alongside Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. The group is renowned for its fast, aggressive musical style and often humorous lyrics.  
The cap is available here.

anthrax cap

4. The connected album “Who sows the wind” by MC Solaar 

The connected album is a gift for men who love music and decoration. By offering this album, you offer the possibility of discovering music but also exclusive content. Even more, the person to whom you give it will be able to display it since it is also a decorative object. 

MC Solaar is a true pioneer of French rap from the 2000s. You probably know his virtuosity with words and rhythms. His poetic lyrics and innovative style made him an iconic figure in the hip-hop scene, captivating his fans in the 2000s. Available here.

vinyl mc solaraar

5. David Bowie’s tuxedo t-shirt 

Who isn't a fan of David Bowie? A musical chameleon and undisputed icon, he left an indelible mark on the rock scene. The David Bowie tuxedo t-shirt is a perfect gift for men who are rock fans. 

And if you have any doubts about whether your father or your partner likes David Bowie, you can always be sure that rock t-shirts are very fashionable at the moment! Available on Offstage, here. 

david bowie tshirt
6. The “Grow up a little” t-shirt by Eric Antoine 

It's a perfect gift for dads who have that humorous streak or spouses who may lack maturity (this is a joke of course)! It's also a nice gift for Eric Antoine fans. 

You must have heard about the famous magician, present on TV (Les Traitres, La France à un incredible talent...), on stage (his show “Grandis un peu” in 2022), at the hospital (sponsor for the “Magie à l’Hôpital” association for 10 years) and finally in bookstores (children’s books).  
His t-shirt is available here.

eric antoine t-shirt
7. The “Adult” vinyl by Marc Lavoine 

Isn't giving a vinyl to a music fan a dream gift? Especially since vinyls are coming back into fashion! And this accessory is valid as much for young people as for older people.  

Marc Lavoine, actor and singer, is a must in French musical culture. He is known for his emotional voice and timeless songs. You probably know him from his hit “She has the revolver eyes”, right?  
His vinyl is available here.

Marc lavoine vinyl
8. The Renaud lighter or water bottle 

The great Renaud is back on tour! His “Dans mes cordons” tour is a real success and its derivative products are perfect gifts for all men who are fans of Renaud. 

We recommend the lighter or the water bottle which are essential accessories for every day. These products are graphically designed and make suitable gifts for all the dads or spouses around you. Available on Offstage.

Renaud water bottle

I don't know about you, but I have the impression that there are men who are going to be spoiled this year! What do you think of this list of gifts for men? Not bad is not it ! And if you're looking for other gift ideas, take a look at our articles here:


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