Our engagements


What we want in priority is to offer you a unique experience when you arrive on OFFSTAGE .

For each artist, we assure you a complete immersion : discover or rediscover for you or one of your relatives the universe of an artist, from his novelties to his official products .


To ensure you the best experience, we guarantee you a quality service. As soon as you choose an official product, you can be sure that everything will be done with diligence and care , from dispatch to delivery. Also, we have chosen to provide quality customer service, attentive and responsive , to meet all your expectations. Your trust is essential to us .


At our level, we wish to act for the environment. This is why we have chosen a first accessible commitment: to contribute to improving the circuit from production to delivery . How ? By defining, as of now, our areas of improvement, but also by choosing today the right interlocutors: working locally, and ecologically aware .


Today, we collaborate with artists to allow them to connect with you through their official products and their dedicated page on OFFSTAGE .

Like us, they want you to have lasting memories of a time you shared together .