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CD Standard Fleur Froide – Second Etat : La Cristallisation - Tayc

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CD Standard Fleur Froide – Second Etat : La CristallisationCD1 1. Nue2. OG Wifey3. 6.44. Donne le moi5. Combleuse de rêves6. Dodo7. Pas comme ça8....

CD Standard Fleur Froide – Second Etat : La Cristallisation

1. Nue
2. OG Wifey
3. 6.4
4. Donne le moi
5. Combleuse de rêves
6. Dodo
7. Pas comme ça
8. Hadja
9. Black card
10. Leak
11. Bon & Mauvais
12. Ma Famille
13. Suis-moi
14. Pardon

CD 2
1. Cette vie
2. Le temps
3. Dis moi comment
4. Passion
5. Redzone
6. Umbrella
7. Vrai OG
9. Haine colorée
10. N'y pense plus
11. Comme toi
12. Vous deux
13. Baby papa
14. African sugar
15. Qui
16. Better
17. J'ai mal
18. Et si...
19. Mieux
20. 5 ans
21. Parle moi
22. Toxic boy
23. Ride

Tayc is a French artist, mainly known for his music in the R&B genre and urban pop. Born in 1992 in Paris, he began to stand out in the French musical landscape in the early 2010s. Tayc gained popularity through his songs, collaborations and distinctive style. His hit singles include titles such as "N'y pense plus", "Palavra" and "Promis juré". He continues to expand his fan base with his music and live performances.

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