• Book "Johnny by Jean-Philippe" - Johnny Hallyday
  • Book "Johnny by Jean-Philippe" - Johnny Hallyday

Book "Johnny by Jean-Philippe" - Johnny Hallyday

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The life of Johnny Hallyday has been told 1,001 times. By his musicians, his authors, his friends, his fans, his biographers... What if, ultimately, it was Johnny himself who was best placed to tell the story of his delirious destiny, his damaged childhood and his exceptional career?

From 1960 to 2017, the French favorite rocker revealed himself through hundreds of fascinating interviews, on radio, television and in the press. For the first time in a book, the author invites you to read the life of Johnny Hallyday through the star's most memorable interviews. 

You will (re)discover the shy boy who answered yes or no to Line Renaud in 1960. Page after page, you will see him evolve to become a man with astonishing freedom of tone and language, handling humor or severity, depending on the periods of his life and his moods.

If the author steps aside to let Jean-Philippe Smet speak, he slips in elements of analysis and context between each interview in order to understand the complex and tormented personality of our idol.

Thibaut Geffrotin is a journalist (Le Point, RTL, Eurosport, etc.), specialist and fan of Johnny Hallyday. He attended more than seventy concerts and met Johnny several times for interviews or private moments. He is already the author at Talent Éditions of Johnny, a star in our eyes.

On April 18, 1960, a flash of carefree madness invaded the calm of thousands of French homes, in a wise and serene post-war France. When they turned on their television sets that evening to enjoy an evening of variety with their children, the “adults” of 1960 did not imagine that a whirlwind would take away the minds of their children forever.

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Thibaut Geffrotin
Publication date
November 3, 2021

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