• Book - Abracadabra - Le trésor du corsaire - Éric Antoine
  • Book - Abracadabra - Le trésor du corsaire - Éric Antoine

Book - Abracadabra - Le trésor du corsaire - Éric Antoine

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A new adventure for Éric Antoine and his students from the Abracadabra school!

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It's time for apprentice magicians Eva, Jules and Omar to bring joy to children in hospitals with Éric Antoine. During their show at the Bayonne hospital center, Omar reunites with Tristan, a childhood friend who is now in a wheelchair after falling while visiting Abbadia Castle. The latter explains to him that he was looking for the treasure of the corsair Coursic, famous in the 17th century throughout the Basque Coast. According to legend, the treasure map is in the castle. Neither one nor two, the students inform Eric and they decide, together, to go looking for him! But they will quickly realize that they are not the only ones to covet it. One thing is certain: they will have to redouble their efforts and learn exceptional new magic tricks to overcome a multitude of obstacles and solve this mystery!

To discover the adventures of Omar, Eva, Jules and Éric and to learn more about Robert-Houdin's magic wand and the Phantom Circus, immerse yourself in the novels The stolen wand and The phantom circus.

Éric Antoine is a magician-comedian, jury of La France a un Incroyable talent and presenter of the Lego Masters show. Elected 7th favorite personality of the children (Journal de Mickey), Éric decided to launch himself into the youth edition by transmitting his knowledge of magic via novels filled with adventure!

Number of pages: 176

Le véritable trésor est celui que l'on trouve en soi, lorsque l'on explore les profondeurs de notre être.

Children's literature, Fantasy
Michel Lafon
Eric Anthony
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