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Fimalac Entertainment launches a merchandising platform for artists

With its subsidiary Offstage, Fimalac Entertainment adds a new string to its bow. Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière's group, present in the production of shows and the operation of venues (Pleyel, Théâtre Marigny, Zéniths, etc.) is launching a digital platform which centralizes products derived from artists, whether or not they are in its lap.

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From Renaud to Roméo Elvis, all these stars sell their official products on this new French site

Clothes, CDs, vinyls, posters... there is a very good chance that you have already bought an official object bearing the image of a person whose songs you massacred in the shower. A new platform aims to facilitate this way of supporting artists.

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And in the Hellfest queue. 🤘 We tested placing an order for IIconi t-shirts, albums and a Starmania keychain on the new digital platform created by Fimalac Entertainment: Offstage. Verdict (in terms of shopping experience on the platform): ditch Zendesk for phone answering, add IQ to Botmind...

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Launch of the merchandising platform for Offstage artists by Fimalac Entertainment

Fimalac Entertainment launches the Offstage subsidiary, dedicated to merchandising and offering a digital platform centralizing the official products of artists, in the field of music, theater and entertainment...

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No more waiting during concerts, treat yourself to the best products derived from your stars without leaving your home

A French platform has just been launched and its concept is simply brilliant. This one, called Offstage, brings together the merchandising of many artists.

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