5 cadeaux pour une femme de 30 ans

· By Armelle Hillairet

5 gifts for a 30 year old woman

This article couldn't come at a better time as the Christmas holidays approach! After having a little tour around the table with my thirty-year-old colleagues, I can assure you a list of incredible gifts for a 30-year-old woman ! Obviously, I chose different types of gifts for you...  

1. The Francofolies x Kickers collaboration T-Shirt

The Francofolies de La Rochelle appeared more than 30 years ago in France, under the leadership of Jean-Louis Foulquier. Each year, the festival brings together hundreds of thousands of spectators to see French-speaking artists from around the world, from pop, rock and rap.  

After a few years without official products, the Francofolies returned with the creation of a t-shirt in collaboration with Kickers . Blue and white, these t-shirts reminiscent of the sea are very high quality, both from a material and aesthetic point of view.  

This is a perfect gift for a 30 year old woman ! If she likes the festival, it's a timeless gift (no date written on the t-shirt!) and original resulting from an exceptional collaboration. If it doesn't matter, the t-shirt is very trendy and goes with any style. Buy it quickly here 👉🏼 Francofolies t-shirt.

francofolies t-shirt
2. The Rock banana in Seine 

We stay at the festivals for this new gift for a 30 year old woman. Rock en Seine is a must on the summer festival tour, with an impressive lineup this year: Billie Eilish, Placebo, The Chemical Brothers, Christine and the Queens, L'Impératrice... 

The festival chose originality this year by offering an exclusive pre-festival line up t-shirt but above all by providing a banana for festival-goers ! Its blue color recalls the visual identity of the logo and the corduroy is the little trendy touch that brings originality to an outfit. 

The banana is the fashionable accessory in Paris and France at the moment. It's the ideal gift for a fashionable thirty-something, or a woman looking for a practical accessory to get around, both at festivals and while traveling. Offer the Rock en Seine banana 

banana rock in seine

3. The pink Tayc sweatshirt 

Tayc is the new artist who is seducing young people at the moment. Combining R&B, pop and afrobeat, Tayc offers songs with poetic and romantic lyrics, which he combines with modern and rhythmic melodies. 

Its collection of official products is simple but very qualitative. He knew how to mix utility with style by offering t-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories in three colors: white, black and pink. This gift is a must have for a 30 year old woman!

Obviously, we chose pink since it is THE fashionable color at the moment. With fall coming, and the cold following very closely, we chose a comfortable pink sweatshirt, with his name on the front and his tour dates and the name of his tour on the back. The pink sweatshirt is available here 💕.

pink tayc sweatshirt
4. The –M- pin 

Matthieu Chédid, musical genius since the 90s, has seduced many generations. Its pop, rock and funk continue to make all generations dance, including those in their thirties. We grew up dancing (or singing for that matter) to “Machistador” or “En tête à tête” with our parents!

 M has released a collection of official products in the colors of his new album “Rêvalité”. Always in the details, its products are qualitative, aesthetic and above all, original. Among key rings in the shape of small guitars, you can find a magnificent brooch.

This eye-shaped brooch is a delicate gift and a piece of jewelry that women in their 30s can totally appreciate. They can adopt it both to support Matthieu Chedid, but also to represent the dream of the most poetic among us 😉. Available in its box here 💜.

brooch m
5. John Lennon’s Embrace mug 

How not to end this top with John Lennon? Icon of the Beatles, he left his mark on the history of music thanks to titles that are timeless today, such as “Imagine”. 

His collection on Offstage.fr is varied but always original: from key rings to t-shirts and mugs, his official products bear his image. His artistic and poetic side is well represented on these products. 

We selected John Lennon's “Embrace” mug for the love and peace it expounds and which we all need right now. And it's an ideal gift for a 30-year-old woman who is looking for a meaningful coffee or tea mug for her office or home. The mug is available here 🕊.

john lennon mug

Does this top satisfy you? I would have liked to introduce you to my colleagues, so that you can guess who chose which gift 😉. Maybe you can already guess mine? In any case, you have the choice to offer a gift to a 30 year old woman , whether it is your daughter, your girlfriend or a cousin! 

If you have any doubt, we have prepared other gift lists here: 


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