5 cadeaux pour un enfant

· By Armelle Hillairet

5 gifts for a child

You have just over a month left to prepare Christmas presents! Have you ever received Santa's list from your children (or those around you)? Have they been good this year? For this new list of gifts for a child, from newborn to 10 year old, we have prepared 5 gifts to offer that will delight children and parents alike. 

1. The “The magic of Eric Antoine” box set 

We start this top with the magician Eric Antoine! The magician, who began his career on the stage of “France has an incredible talent” during the first season, is today multi-talented: host for “Les Traitres”, or even jury for “France has an incredible talent”. incredible talent”, he is also a writer, and godfather of the association “Magie à l’hospital”... 

Above all, Eric Antoine remains a magician and that is why he offers us today his magic box. The box set is suitable for children aged 7 and over and contains different magic tricks explained in a booklet that you will find in the box, with the corresponding accessories. On the program, magic hat, wand, dice... All to perform an hour of magic tricks ! It's the perfect gift for a child this Christmas. 

Available here. 🎩🐰

Eric Antoine Magic box

2. The Papillons de nuit Festival pacifier 

The Papillons de Nuit festival has been well known to Normans for over 22 years now. Created in 2001 on the village square of Saint Laurent de Cuves, more than 250 volunteers organized a festival at the time bringing together various artists such as Sanseverino, De Palmas and Matmatah . 3 days later, and with 10,000 visitors, the festival was a real success. It has been renewed and each year is a success for the region and its surroundings.

For parents, the 2023 Papillons de nuit Festival has created incredible memories, but there is one in particular that we wanted to present to you in these top gifts for children: the festival pacifier ! It is offered to all young parents who love the festival and who are thinking of taking their children there to discover music when they are older. And that’s a great gift for a child! 

The pacifier exclusively on Offstage here. 👶🏻

Moth pacifier

3. The white “Free Hugs” bib from Solidays 

We continue with festivals and gifts for newborns with the Solidays bib. The Parisian festival has existed since 1999 and is a success every year. 2023 brought together more than 259,000 people for its 25th anniversary thanks to a varied and multi-universe program: Juliette Armanet, SCH, Jain, BigFlo & Oli, Angèle, Hamza...

The white bib is an essential gift in the lives of young parents and the Solidays one is original thanks to its heart-shaped design and its “Free Hugs” inscription. It's the best way to remember the festival and a great gift for children!  

The bib is available here. 🍼  

Solidays bib

4. The Dino T-shirt by Julien Doré 

Julien Doré and his offbeat universe is on Offstage.fr! The poetic and original artist, who made himself known thanks to the new star in 2007, demonstrated that he was as capable of taking his place on stage as behind the cameras. Perhaps you saw him in the series 10%? In any case, the singer is not stopping, because he will be on television in a new series “Panda” and he is going on tour again in 2025. 

For Christmas and the list of gifts to give to your children, we have selected his Dino t-shirt. You will find the t-shirt in 2/4 years or 6/8 years, and in two colors: yellow or red ! On the t-shirt of course, dinosaurs but also one of the stars of his entourage: Jean Marc or Simone , his two white shepherds.  

The Dino t-shirt by Julien Doré is available here. 🦖🐶  

julien dore tshirt

5. The book Abracadabra “The stolen baguette” by Eric Antoine  

And finally, we finish this top with the book “The stolen baguette of Eric Antoine”! The magician, writer, is also co-writing the theatrical adaptation of the novel “Someone to Talk to” by Cyril Massarotto. The play is scheduled for September 2024.  

The novel is available for children ages 9 and up and is the first in the “Abracadabra” series. The novel tells the story of three young people who must find the magic wand of the famous magician Monsieur Houdin with the help of Eric Antoine. They embark on a thrilling journey to the four corners of France to discover the famous thief... So, who is he?  

To find out what happens next, give this novel to your child. 😉  

book eric antoine

We hope that you liked this list of gifts for children and, above all, that it gave you ideas for Christmas! And if you're looking for ideas for slightly older relatives in your family, take a look here:  

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