5 cadeaux pour un homme de 30 ans

· By Armelle Hillairet

5 gifts for a 30 year old man

Christmas is coming soon and it's time to find the perfect gift for a 30 year old man! Please your friend, brother, son and choose the gift that suits him! With our team colleagues, we have selected 5 gifts that are likely to greatly appeal to the person to whom you are going to give them... 

1. The connected album “Who sows the wind reaps the tempo” by MC Solaar

Who doesn't know MC Solaar? He is one of the icons of French rap whose sharp lyrics and elegant flow redefined the musical landscape of the 90s. A pioneer of hip-hop and rap in France, the singer left a varied legacy, with emblematic albums like “He who sows the wind reaps the tempo”.  

And it’s this album that we want to promote. On Offstage , we found this album for you in premium version! The connected album is a decorative object in addition to offering you exclusive content: music, interviews, photos, and videos, which you have not necessarily seen elsewhere...  

It's the perfect gift for 30 year olds (all 1993, 1994...) who grew up with 90s rap passed down from their parents or listening to the classics! You can only please with an album as iconic as this 🤩  

Available on Offstage.fr 🌬  

mc solara cd

2. The Dark Side of the Moon sweatshirt by Pink Floyd 

We no longer present Pink Floyd? What high school student from the 90s didn't listen to the group for its timeless songs? The legendary band redefined progressive rock and changed many people's musical experience. Their emblematic albums such as “Dark side of the moon” or “Wish you were here” are rock essentials. 

It’s “Dark Side of the Moon” in particular that we want to talk to you about today! Have you probably already seen the beautiful album art, created by Aubrey Powell and Storm Thorgerson ? Today it is known to everyone and included in particular on the group's official products. 

For all fans of Pink Floyd, for progressive rock and its meaning, the Dark Side of the Moon sweatshirt is a precious gift for 30 year old men. 

Available here 🌈 

pink floyd sweatshirt

3. The book “Putain de livre” by Renaud 

Renaud... How can we not talk about Renaud? His rebellious soul and his authentic style charmed our parents, who passed on his music to us . His songs, full of humanity and melancholy, continue to attract even the youngest generations. 

His book “Putain de livre” is not a simple biography, it tells the story of the artist's world, from his songs to his life and his music. The book is separated into 4 parts which correspond to Renaud: The rebel, the poet, the committed and the lover...  

Finally, don't these four facets of Renaud resemble what a 30-year-old man might currently experience? So it’s the perfect gift for all 30-year-old men 😉 

Available here.

renaud book

4. The Ardentes line up black sweatshirt 

Les Ardentes is THE Belgian festival not to be missed ! This rap festival brings together all the biggest headliners from the urban scene, French and English. And this year was especially incredible. Every year, they make a special effort on the design of their official products. 

Indeed, the design of their different products is very original: the combination of fonts and colors make the official products very “fashionable”. Whether your friend, brother or loved one went to the festival or not, offering an official product is a great gift! 

We still advise you to offer the black line up sweatshirt! For what ? It brings together the incredible program of this year's festival but what's more, the design allows it to be worn on any occasion and by everyone! This is the perfect gift for a 30 year old man. 

Available on Offstage.fr ⚡️

Les Ardentes black sweatshirt

5. The Mogodo's baseball t-shirt by M 

M, son of Louis Chedid and grandson of Andrée Chedid, great poet and musician since the 90s . His melodies as soft as they are danceable and his unique lyrics make Matthieu Chédid a multifaceted artist. M embodies elegance and constantly invites his audience to follow him into his subtle and deep musical world.  

The thirty-somethings grew up with him: regularly releasing albums and participating in various festivals including the Francofolies, M understood what his audience loved about him. His new album, “Rêvalité” is another success! How can you not please a 30 year old man? 

And it’s in its new collection of official “Rêvalité” products that we found a nice baseball t-shirt to give as a gift! The Mogodo logo refers to the song that unites Matthieu Chédid and his father. Isn't this a great gift to give to your 30 year old son? 

Available on Offstage.fr 💜

T-shirt M Mogodo

So, did this list help you decide? These artists are so incredible and have shaped the youth of today's thirty-somethings. Personally, I completely approve of the black Ardentes line-up sweatshirt for my brother! 😉 


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