3 cadeaux à offrir à un adolescent

· By Armelle Hillairet

3 gifts to give to a teenager

A birthday or Christmas coming soon? Do you want to find the ideal gift to please your teenager but you are panicking at the thought of them finding your gift “old-fashioned” or not “trendy” ? Don't worry, we've found 3 gift ideas for teenagers! And don't tell us they're not “music”, because who, at 16, doesn't have headphones or earphones screwed into their ears? 😉  

 Michael Jackson's thriller t-shirt 

Michael Jackson is an icon for everyone. The “king of pop” is a must-see that younger people also know! His exceptional career, his dancing talents and his timeless hits have been passed on to our younger brothers and sisters, or our teenagers. Who doesn't know the tune of “Thriller” or “Beat it” or even “Bad”? 

“Thriller”, a title released in 1982, is a huge success which contributed to 66 million albums sold. It's the title that changed the world of pop and music videos, because Michael Jackson was a visionary at the time when it came to producing a big-budget music video.  

Giving a Michael Jackson t-shirt is guaranteed to be a successful gift! Pop icon, it's an essential for music fans! If you are in doubt, you can always be sure that this t-shirt with a vintage side will please with current fashion trends (see article “how to wear a rock t-shirt” ). And if he doesn’t like it, you can always wear it yourself 😉  

michael jackson t-shirt

The bob + CD “Ecuador” pack from Ridsa 

Ridsa is perhaps the only artist on this top that you don't know as a parent, uncle or aunt... Personally, I remember one of his hits in 2015 “Là c'est die” that I listened to when I was 21 (Yes, it makes me look old.)! Since 2015, other titles have been released such as “Avancer” or “Santa Maria”. 

Ridsa is a well-known rapper of his generation. His popularity continues to grow thanks to his honesty and authenticity. The themes they address particularly affect adolescents, such as love, relationships and emotions. 

We have selected the bob pack and his latest CD “Equateur” ! Ridsa's latest album has pop, Latin and urban sounds and tells the story of the rapper's life and journey. The accompanying bob is very fashionable and suits a teenager's taste, especially if he is a fan of Ridsa ⚡️.

bob cd ecuador ridsa

The Abbey Road metal mug by The Beatles 

Obviously, I had to continue in the vein of the emblematic artists that your teenager must surely know! Popular British group, the Beatles are known thanks to their songs “Yesterday” but also “Hey Jude”, “Let it be” and many others... It is impossible that your teenager does not know these tunes, and above all, the famous photo from their album “Abbey Road”. 

Abbey Road, before a photo, is a legendary album which marks the end of the group, whose tensions were growing and with which they wanted to end “in style”. A nostalgic album with a theme of reconciliation, it remains one of the most famous, and according to the press, one of the best albums of all time. 

Why is a metal mug a good idea? Whether you're going on a trip, or your teenager is going to the gym with it, or he's going up to lock himself in his room with it, he'll always use it. Coffee with milk, hot chocolate, coke, lemonade, water... All drinks are allowed to stay hot or cold. Useful and practical 😉 

abbey road metal mug

I don't know about you, but if I were still a teenager, I would opt for the Michael Jackson t-shirt ! Afterwards, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm a big fan of nostalgia and iconic artists! 🤩

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