Notre classement des chansons de Matthieu Chedid

· By Armelle Hillairet

Our ranking of Matthieu Chedid songs

Matthieu Chédid, son of the famous songwriter Louis Chédid, released his seventh album “Rêvalité” last year. Author, composer, musician, -M- is multi-talented. He has been offering his fans ever more creative albums since 1997. , attracting an ever-growing community. His successes have made him known throughout France, to generations of our parents, to our children. We have created a short ranking for you of the songs by Matthieu Chedid that we prefer in the team! 

1. Machistador, in his first album “Le Baptême” - 1997 

This song comes from -M-'s inaugural album entitled "Le Baptême" . We love it because it’s a declaration of independence and a challenge to masculine stereotypes ! The energy felt thanks to the lyrics and the musicality (powerful guitar and rhythm) make the song incredible! Plus, it’s one of his first big successes 😉  

The baptism of Matthew Chedid

2. Sensual wave, in “I say love” - 1999 

“Onde Sensuelle” is a romantic and captivating song . The lyrics evoke passion, while the music, with its arrangements, creates an intense ambiance that transports fans into a world of new emotions. 

I say love Matthew Chedid
3. Which of us, in the Lab –M- - 2003 

Still on the theme of poetry and romanticism , -M- offers a new song entitled “Qui de nous deux” . Matthieu Chedid's original voice mixes with subtle instrumentation to create an emotional atmosphere. 

word which of us
4. En tête à tête, in the live album “En tête en tête” - 2005 

One of my favorite songs by Matthieu Chedid! Taken from the live album “En tête en tête”, M captured the raw energy and interaction with her audience during her live performances. The connection we feel between the artist and the audience is extraordinary.  

m head to head
5. Amssétou, in Mister Mystère - 2009 

“Amssétou” is a song by Matthieu Chedid which celebrates cultural diversity . The catchy rhythms and sounds reflect a message of open-mindedness and acceptance of differences that we simply adore. 

m amssetou
6. The Seine, in the soundtrack of the animated film “A Monster in Paris” - 2011 

Multi-talented, -M- is as gifted for songs on stage as he is for films. This song is a collaboration with Vanessa Paradis for the soundtrack of the animated film "A Monster in Paris" . It highlights the timeless beauty of the Seine in Paris and evokes a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere linked to the film. Film that we recommend, for the story, and for the soundtrack! 

7. Saraï’s house, in “Îl” – 2012 

From the album “Îl”, “La Maison de Saraï” is a colorful song that mixes mystical melodies with poetic lyrics . With the team, we really like the fact that –M- tells a story and transports us to an imaginary world. Another great song from Matthieu Chedid! 

il matthieu chedid

8. Bal de Bamako, in “Lamomali” - 2017

 -M- chose to produce a collaborative album “Lamomali”. Bal de Bamako is a vibrant tribute to Malian culture. The catchy rhythms and vocal harmonies merge with elements of traditional Malian music to create a unique musical experience. 

lamomali m

9. Grand Petit Con, in “Lettre Infinie” - 2019 

Matthieu Chedid wrote “Grand Petit Con” to offer a satirical reflection on the complexities of the modern world. The ironic lyrics are contrasted with dynamic and catchy music.  

infinite letter M
10. Rêvalité, in his seventh album “Rêvalité” - 2022 

Revality ” explores themes of introspection and the search for oneself. The song is characterized by varied instrumentation, subtle arrangements and deep, thought-provoking lyrics. The official products from the album “Rêvalité” by Matthieu Chedid are available on ! 

revalite matthieu chedid sweater

What we love about Matthieu Chedid is the energy he puts into creating his songs. His poetry, his lyrics, his musicality and his voice allow him to create always different albums, which attract his fans with each release, each tour. Which song do you prefer? 


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