8 idées cadeaux pour une femme

· By Armelle Hillairet

8 gift ideas for a woman

Do you feel overwhelmed by searching for gifts that don't convince you? Looking for the perfect gift for your wife, daughter-in-law, or mom? Don't worry, we've made you a nice list of 10 gifts for a woman who appreciates music.  

M’s Rêvalité t-shirt  

Matthieu Chedid's new album, “Rêvalité" , is another success. The melodies are captivating, and the lyrics are once again very poetic. M continues to evolve artistically and seduce his audience. It is the perfect gift for a woman who is a fan! 

The Black Eyed Peas The End mug  

The End by the Black Eyed Peas is their 2009 album. It is certainly dated, but it is one of the best known from their reformed group. You probably know “I Gotta Feeling”, which has been played many times on the radio and listened to by all generations. A gift suitable for all women!  

Mug The End Black eyed peas

The Grand Prix vinyl by Benjamin Biolay  

Benjamin Biolay hits hard with his album “Grand Prix” . His album once again reveals the artist's artistic depth and ease in creating a captivating musical experience. This connected vinyl is definitely a gift for a woman with taste! 

benjamin biolay grand prix vinyl

The Heart vinyl by Clara Luciani  

Clara Luciani makes “hearts” beat with her vinyl (yes, judge me for this average joke). Cœur is an album that brings together moving melodies and lyrics. Clara Luciani's artistic sensitivity is a fact, and we never tire of it. The connected album is a vinyl but also a frame, which allows you to offer an original gift to a woman. 

clara luciani heart vinyl

Gaëtan Roussel's signed CD, tote bag and polaroid pack  

If you love Gaëtan Roussel or if you know if a woman around you adores him, you have found the exceptional gift! A box set which includes the signed CD, the tote bag and a pretty Polaroid photo of Gaëtan Roussel! His CD “Do you know?” includes 14 titles, including two collaborations with Alain Souchon and Camélia Jordana.  

gaetan roussel gift set

Gregory Porter's vinyl  

Influenced by the soul music of Marvin Gaye and the jazz of Nat King Cole, Gregory Porter offers us an extraordinary experience with his album “Still Rising”. Her velvety voice enchants her fans with every note. If you want to give a gift to a woman who loves soul, this is the Gregory Porter vinyl you need!  

gregory porter vinyl

The Starmania poster  

How can we not talk about the Starmania show ? All generations of women know this magnificent show written by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon. And the Starmania poster is a perfect gift for a woman who loves the show and keeps a great souvenir. Plus, you can personalize the poster according to your tastes!

The Terrien vinyl by Julien Clerc  

How can you not know the famous words “Woman... I love you” by Julien Clerc? Aren’t these the best words to end this top women’s gift ? So I present to you the last gift for a woman on this list: the sublime album “Terrien” by Julien Clerc , whose musicality and lyrics are adored by his fans.  

So, did you like an idea? Personally, I know that my beautiful mother will really appreciate Clara Luciani's vinyl for Christmas.  

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