10 cadeaux de Noël petit budget

· By Armelle Hillairet

10 low-budget Christmas gifts

Christmas is coming in less than a month and are you still missing a few budget Christmas gifts? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Discover now our selection of 10 gifts for less than 20 euros. 

1. The Magic mug by Mylène Farmer - €20 

We start this top with Mylène Farmer's mug. The singer who is currently on tour offers us her black ceramic mug, which will reveal to you in the heat, the animals in the cabinet of curiosities... 

Mug Mylene farmer

2. The Adored of M key ring - €10 

Matthieu Chédid takes us into his world thanks to his key ring inspired by the L'Adorée guitar... It's one of Matthieu Chédid's favorite guitars, a gold Fender Strat, created by his friend Sylvain Coppin. 

M keyring

3. 47Ter checked socks - €6 

A legendary urban trio in France, 47Ter offers a pair of very “textbook” checked socks. How can we not remember school benches? They are available in 3 different sizes: 35-38, 39-42, 43-46. 

47Ter socks

4. The Night Butterflies water bottle - €20 

The Norman Papillons de Nuit festival is on trend and prevention with a very practical bottle to quench our thirst. Insulated, this 500ml bottle will delight the thirstiest among us! 

P2N water bottle

5. The Who travel mug – €15.90 

With winter coming and temperatures dropping, the travel mug is essential, both to keep your hands warm and to warm up outside! A small gift on a budget, but which is always a pleasure! 

Travel Mug The Who

6. The God Save The Queen box set by the Sex Pistols – €15.90 

Everyone knows the image of “God Save The Queen” by the Sex Pistols! This famous image of the Queen of England whose eyes and mouth are masked signifying the group's opposition to the English monarchy... Order the mug, to bring out your rebellious side! 

Sex Pistols God Save The Queen Mug

7. The black “I don’t like children” T-shirt by Eric Antoine - €15 

You must have seen Éric Antoine on television recently? He is currently hosting France Has Incredible Talent. His black “I don’t like children” t-shirt is available for less than €20! 

t-shirt I don't like children Eric Antoine

8. Renaud's signed bandana - €10 

How not to associate Renaud with his red bandana! And what’s more, it’s signed! Do you know a real Renaud fan in your circle? It's the perfect budget gift! It costs €10 , which makes it a suitable gift for your loved ones or for a colleague during a Secret Santa 😉 

Bandana Renaud

9. The Starmania mug - €15 

The musical is back on stage! And now is the time to keep a memory of this extraordinary musical spectacle. The mug is in the colors of the show. 

starmania mug

10. The Night Butterflies LED hat - €20 

Find an original and inexpensive gift? That's it with the Papillons de Nuit LED beanie! The LED is rechargeable via USB port. Take a walk at night with a hat that warms your head and lights your path!  

Moth beanie

You must have found a gift in this list that will please one of your loved ones! And it's not over, since our special gift page for less than €20 includes at least 95 different products 👉🏼 Gifts of -20€

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