4 conseils pour se remettre des fêtes

· By Armelle Hillairet

4 tips for recovering from the holidays

Did the end of year celebrations go well? With family or friends, have you abused alcohol, food or both? Don't feel guilty, we do too 😉 We have prepared some tips for you to recover from the holidays... And be ready for December 31 to celebrate the New Year!  

1. Hydrate yourself  

The end of year celebrations are often made up of alcohol and rich foods, which often cause you to have difficult digestion, feelings of heaviness and “softness”. In fact, we have more difficulty being active and fatigue is felt.  

Water is therefore our main ally! Firstly, because it allows you to rehydrate after consuming alcohol, but also because it promotes the elimination of toxins accumulated through the abuse of foods that are too salty and too sweet. Drink a good liter of water to regain a feeling of well-being and start your day with new energy! 

Drink water

2. Eat light  

You have obviously planned a big meal for Christmas, or even two or three depending on the visits to your different families and each time, it's the same thing: fatty food, too salty and above all you don't skip dessert, so potentially too much sugar...  

Eat soup ! Choose nutritious meals, rich in fruits and vegetables and therefore lean proteins to promote the recovery of your energy and improve your digestion. Resumption of a balanced diet will help regulate metabolism, regain a feeling of freedom and give a boost to your weakened immune system.  

Holiday soup

3. Rest  

The key word of the season is rest! After staying up late following the end-of-year celebrations and socializing several evenings in a row, you must be tired! Especially since some of you continue to work between these events.  

It is essential to rest to cut mentally and physically. Take the time to relax, which will allow you to recover, de-stress and have some time to yourself. Start the new year with vitality and resilience! 

Sleep baby

4. Do some physical activity  

We're not going to lie, this option is recommended but not obligatory. It all depends on how much time you can give yourself! However, engaging in physical activity offers many benefits for the body and mind. 

In fact, you help maintain a healthy weight, stimulate your blood circulation, eliminate toxins and strengthen the immune system . In addition, don't forget that sport also has an impact on the mental level because it releases endorphins, improves mood and reduces stress. It helps to recreate a well-being routine that will revive you for the new year!  


Personally, I tested this routine, and it works pretty well! Although the older we get, the more important “rest” becomes to recover energy and get off to a good start. Besides, what do you have planned for December 31?  


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