10 cadeaux à moins de 50 euros

· By Armelle Hillairet

10 gifts for less than 50 euros

Are you one of the latecomers to buying your Christmas presents? Don't worry, we have a selection of gifts for you for less than 50 euros for artist fans! Order before December 19 for a reception and a place under the tree for Christmas 🎄

1. The Shaka Ponk t-shirt, collector’s vinyl and poster pack – €49.90  

The group Shaka Ponk began its last tour in October 2023 and continues 36 dates until the end of the year. The pack with the t-shirt, vinyl and poster is a perfect gift if you have a budget of less than 50 euros and if you know a fan of the group.  

Shaka Ponk Pack

2. The “We don’t touch Connemara” t-shirt by Michel Sardou – €24.90  

Michel Sardou is on tour all over France at the moment, and many dates are sold out. You will please one of your grandparents, uncles or aunts or parents by offering them the “we don’t touch Connemara” t-shirt for less than €50. 

Michel Sardou Connemara T-Shirt

3. The personalized poster of the Papillons de Nuit festival – €39.90  

The Normand festival is currently announcing its programming for 2024! It's time to offer the personalized poster of the Papillons de Nuit festival for 39.90 euros, and place it under the tree to please one of your loved ones.  

Moths Poster

4. The personalized Starmania poster – €49.90  

The rock opera that has seduced many generations is back on stage! For fans of this show, order the personalized poster in its white frame for less than fifty euros.  

Starmania poster

5. The “Ecuador” sweatshirt and CD pack from Ridsa – €45.90  

Following the release of Ridsa's new album in 2023, we are offering you a complete pack for less than 50 euros for Christmas! Treat a nephew, cousin or even your teenager with the Ridsa sweatshirt and CD pack.  

Pack Ridsa

6. The Francofolies beach bag - €35  

So yes, it's not summer, but the beach bag is essential! In addition, the Francofolies started creating official products again last year and it would be a shame to miss their 2023 collection . What's more, the bag is only €35! 

Francofolies tote bag

7. The black Tayc beanie - €30  

Tayc has already been announced for the 2024 Nîmes festival! A popular artist! It's the right time to buy one of its official products for less than €50, perfect for winter: the black hat! All-purpose, it suits all styles.  

Tayc beanie

8. The Jok'Air photo book and CD - €34.90  

After the crazy sales of his album “Melvin de Paris” in May 2023, the singer is offering you his photobook and CD for less than 50 euros. Find the pack on Offstage.fr and order it before December 19!

Bookphoto and CD Jok'Air

9. The Jamaica Football sweatshirt by Bob Marley – €49.9  

Bob Marley is one of the pioneers of reggae and, after a few years, he managed to be adored by the public. Its Jamaica sweatshirt is less than 50 euros and is perfect for reggae fans.  

Jamaica Bob Marley sweatshirt

10. The Guns N Roses t-shirt – €21.90  

The Guns N Roses are a flagship group of the 80s and have seduced all budding rockers (I'm thinking of our parents...). Today, their name and their titles are known to everyone and their t-shirt is a gift for less than 50 euros, incredible for all styles (we remind you that rock t-shirts are very fashionable at the moment !).

Guns N Roses T-shirt

You have the choice, and you can also find the complete selection of gifts for less than €50 right here 👉🏼 https://www.offstage.fr/en/collections/cadeaux-de-20-a-50

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