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You know as much as we do, personalized Christmas gifts are those that touch you the most! Well, you actually have to find the right idea, because socks printed with the face of the person in question are funny for a secret Santa at work, but no more. We have chosen 5 personalized gifts on Offstage.fr to offer at Christmas. 

1. The poster for the spectacular Starmania 

Starmania, the cult rock opera by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon, appeared on stage for the first time in 1978. At the time, many artists performed different music on stage, including “Ziggy” sung by Fabienne Thibeault. Today, the musical is once again adapted and reinterpreted by a new generation of singers. 

For Christmas, give the Starmania poster to everyone who saw the first version, the adaptation, or even both! In three different formats, and 8 variants (plexiglass board, wooden frame, etc.), you have the opportunity to offer a personalized gift down to the smallest detail. 

Starmania poster

2. The personalized vintage poster of the Francofolies from 1986 

The Francofolies were first created in 1985 thanks to Jean-Louis Foulquier, who wanted to celebrate French-speaking music in La Rochelle. Since 1985, the artists who have performed on stage have only been big names on the French scene, notably in 1986: Jean-Jacques Goldman, Patricia Kaas, Alain Souchon, and Michel Berger. 

The personalized poster of the Francofolies de La Rochelle from 1986 is an attractive personalized gift for all young twenty-somethings of the 80s! You can personalize the poster using the four sizes, but also the existing variants. Hurry and order before December 19 to receive them before Christmas! 

Francofolies poster

3. The 2019 Ardentes sports poster 

The most popular urban festival in the countries bordering Belgium has returned every year since its creation in 2006 in Liège. Originally, the festival mixed rock, electro and hip-hop, and since 2015, urban has become the main genre of the festival. Big names were also present in 2019 like Booba, the Black Eyed Peas, Nekfeu or even Koba LAD and Aya Nakamura.

The visual identity of Ardentes is always very elaborate and that of 2019 is a nod to Formula 1 and automobile circuits. You can completely customize the poster with different sizes and variations! 

Shows the ardent ones

4. The romantic poster of Mamma Mia 

Mamma Mia was created in 1999 in London by playwright Catherine Johnson to showcase the beautiful songs of the Swedish group ABBA. The show quickly won over its audience thanks to its joyful atmosphere and colorful costumes. After incredible success in London, the show was exported to Broadway in New York, then today to France. 

The legendary poster is a personalized gift to give for Christmas to all fans of the musical, ABBA or even the film with the great Meryl Street. Available in several formats and variations! 

Mamma Mia Poster

5. The framed fireworks photo from the Papillons de Nuit festival 

All Normans know the Night Butterflies festival! Created in 2001 by a team of volunteers passionate about music, the festival is today a must in the north of France. Last year, the festival welcomed big French names like: Bigflo & Oli, Naâman, Adé, Orelsan, Izïa, Niska, Soprano, Gazo, Claudio Capéo and Marc Lavoine. 

The festival is at the crossroads of genres and attracts more and more people around a Ferris wheel which makes it an unmissable place. Buy the festival photo and personalize it with different elements! You will make people happy at Christmas. 

Moth Poster

So yes, on Offstage.fr, our personalized gifts are mainly photos and posters for which you can choose the frame and the printing. Precisely, we work with a supplier who allows you to choose your gift best, and above all who allows you to receive and give a QUALITY personalized Christmas gift. 

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