3 artistes à aller voir en concert avant la fin de l'année

· By Armelle Hillairet

3 artists to see in concert before the end of the year

It's September, and it's time to go back to school! However, going back to school doesn't just mean working 24 hours a day! On weekends or weekday evenings, going out is more than recommended, and we have found three concerts for you to go to before the end of 2023 . Whether you are pop, French indie or French variety, you have the choice!  

1. Benjamin Biolay 

Benjamin Biolay is a singer but also a composer, producer and author. He achieved his first success as author and co-writer of Henri Dés titles. He then went solo and released his first album “Rose Kennedy” which earned him the victory for music for revelation album of the year and a gold disc. 

Then followed two albums which were appreciated by critics but whose commercial success was not there. He tried his hand at cinema and was nominated for a César for his supporting role in Stella. He continued with music thereafter and released various albums, including the latest “Saint-Clair”. 

This album talks about his childhood in Sète and alternates danceable pieces and moving ballads. He will sing songs during his tour in France from October 1, 2023. Benjamin Biolay's merchandising is available on Offstage.fr 👇🏼

Benjamin Biolay grand prize

2. Madonna  

Three years after Madonna's arrival in New York, at age 25, she released her first album “ Madonna ” which brought her immediate commercial success. Only a year later, she released “Like a Virgin” which notably contained a song of the same name that everyone knows today. Awarded at the Grammy Awards, named by the record books as the singer who sold the most records, Madonna has long been considered “the queen of pop” . 

Madonna has released the biggest hits: “Like a prayer”, “Music”, “Papa don't preach”, or even “Crazy for you”. In 2008, she released a new track in collaboration with Justin Timberlake , “4 minutes” which ranks as his 37th title in the top 10 best singles.  

Today Madonna is going back on tour all over the world , notably in France on November 12 and 13, 2023, and November 19 and 20, 2023 where she will perform her greatest hits. Find Madonna’s merchandising on Offstage.fr 👇🏼

madonna t shirt

3. Renaud  

A great icon of French music, Renaud made himself known at the age of 23 with his first songs. Then followed success mixed with various controversies, then when he became a father in 1982, he released the title “Morgue de toi” dedicated to his daughter. His image evolves and he exchanges his “hooligan” leather jacket for a denim jacket and his famous red bandana.  

Subsequently, he surrounded himself with various friends like Serge Gainsbourg, Julien Clerc, Coluche and others to write and produce his songs and clips . In 1986, one of his best-known titles today was released: Mistral Gagnant. He has released albums until today where his tour “In my ropes” still attracts crowds: generations from grandparents to grandchildren.  

The “In my strings” tour is his successes accompanied by Alain Lanty on piano, 8 strings and an accordion. Everyone who has already seen one of the concerts on the tour loved it, and obviously flocked to Renaud's merchandising: red bandana, t-shirt, vinyl... All these derivative products are available on Offstage.fr 👇🏼

Renaud Tour 2023 t-shirt

So, which concert would you like? In the team, Renaud's with his gray t-shirt really tempts us!


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