3 cadeaux à offrir à un fan de musique pour Noël

· By Armelle Hillairet

3 gifts to give to a music fan for Christmas

The summer season is almost over, and Christmas is already just around the corner! Are you already thinking about finding the perfect gift for a loved one but looking for ideas? We have three for you, suitable for all ages! Spoil someone close to you this Christmas with an original and memorable gift 👇🏼 

1. The vintage Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt by Pink Floyd 

Who doesn't know the famous group Pink Floyd ? A legendary pillar of the rock music scene since its inception in 1965 in London, the group has captivated generations with albums such as "The Dark Side of the Moon", "Wish You Were Here" and "The Wall". Their legacy lives on through their timeless melodies, introspective lyrics and theatrical stage performances. 

The album “Dark Side of the Moon” is the group's eighth studio album , which is based on dark but real themes, represented by the album's visuals. The record is one of the most acclaimed in rock history and continues to please today. 

Pink Floyd appeals to young and old alike, and all fans, whether rock or not, know the album and the visual that represents it. The Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt is a perfect Christmas gift for music lovers, fans of Pink Floyd or not, who love the classics. And if you're afraid of making a mistake, the “vintage rock t-shirt” side is very fashionable and will also be suitable for young people looking for a trendy rock t-shirt for their look. 

t-shirt dark side of the moon pink floyd

2. The connected album Heart by Clara Luciani 

Clara Luciani is one of the rising stars of the French music scene who touches her audience thanks to her melodies full of emotion and her honest lyrics. Love, femininity and emancipation are themes that drive her on a daily basis, which we find in her lyrics. 

Heart is the second album by Clara Luciani , released in 2021. In this album, she discusses violence against women . She goes even further by offering for sale a 45 rpm vinyl, the proceeds of which are donated to the Maison des Femmes Marseille Provence association of which she is the godmother. 

The Heart connected album is a gift perfectly suited to vinyl fans who also wish to have exclusive content on Clara Luciani. This frame is suitable for both music lovers and decoration fans, since the album can also be displayed at home. It is suitable for both young and old and is a perfect Christmas gift for everyone! 

heart clara luciani

3. The Mylène Farmer candle 

Who doesn't know the great and unique Mylène Farmer. An undeniable music icon, she has shaped a legendary career that has transcended the decades. She left her mark on French pop music thanks to her talent, her theatrical performances and her visually stunning music videos.  

Nevermore is Mylène Farmer's sixth musical tour and eighth concert series, launched in support of her twelfth studio album entitled L'Emprise. Following this tour, official products were specifically created and are for sale on Offstage.fr.

We offer you the Nevermore “Quoth the raven” candle , with a style adapted to the tour: a raven skull on a red wax seal is affixed to the lid of the candle. This gift will suit all Mylène Farmer fans and is a unique Christmas gift! 

The Mylène Farmer candle

Offstage.com offers a captivating range of Christmas gifts , which will add a special touch to the festive season in 2023. Give unforgettable memories and make this festive season a happy one for your loved ones. 

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