3 spectacles à ne pas manquer à Paris en septembre 2023

· By Armelle Hillairet

3 shows not to be missed in Paris in September 2023

Discover a wave of exceptional shows in Paris from September 2023! Theater, music or dance, Paris offers you the opportunity to discover different artistic performances that we recommend. On the program at the start of the school year, theater, a dance show and a musical.  

1. “Glenn, Birth of a Prodigy”: a fascinating play

The play “Glenn, birth of a prodigy” was written and directed by the talented Ivan Calbérac. In this story, you will discover the tumultuous world of a musical prodigy and more particularly of the piano. The director explores the nuances of artistic creation and the personal challenges that Glenn Gould, the main character, faces .  

Between deep emotions and moments of triumph , the play offers an exploration of passion and genius, taking the audience on an unforgettable emotional journey. The play received 6 nominations for the Molières 2023 awards, including 2 awards:  

- Molière of feminine revelation for Lison Pennec
- Molière of masculine revelation for Thomas Gendronneau

From Wednesday August 30, 2023 to Saturday September 30, 2023, at the Splendid in Paris.  

2. “On your shoulders”: magical contemporary dance

The dance show “On your shoulders”, skillfully staged by Nawal Aït Benalla , offers a captivating experience that poetically reveals more than words can express.  

Carried by seven dancers of multiple origins, the dance show challenges prejudices and affirms the need for women to free themselves from the weight of heritage and the yoke of society. 

Nawal Aït Benalla, recognized for her creativity and expertise in contemporary dance, creates a performance where each gesture becomes a story in itself. “On Your Shoulders” is a work that pushes the boundaries of dance art, leaving a deep and inspiring imprint on the minds of those who are lucky enough to see this performance.  

On your shoulders, from October 4 to 8, 2023 at the Silvia Monfort theater in Paris.

3. “Starmania”: musical legend

Among the back-to-school gems is the legendary “Starmania” show, which is making its comeback on the Parisian stage. This emblematic musical, created by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon, has established itself in the hearts of music lovers.  

With its timeless melodies and captivating story, “Starmania” offers an unparalleled stage experience. Spectators will have the chance to relive this unique musical adventure which has marked generations.  

Spectators praise the quality of the timeless songs and the way they are performed by the actors. The futuristic plot, social and political themes addressed in the play are often appreciated, as they remain relevant even decades after its creation.  

Available from November 14, 2023 in Paris. The official products of the show are already on Offstage.fr !

blue starmania sweatshirt

In conclusion, the 2023 cultural season in Paris looks promising! Between the emotional “Glenn, Birth of a Prodigy”, the poetic “On Your Shoulders” and the long-awaited return of “Starmania”, the possibilities for cultural entertainment are diverse and varied.  


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