Comment porter un t-shirt rock ?

· By Armelle Hillairet

How to wear a rock t-shirt?

You have probably seen flocked t-shirts from Iron Maiden, Nirvana, Pink Floyd or even AC/DC among the big fast fashion brands? The great rock groups of the 70s and 80s are back and it's no longer just our parents who are fans. Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Victoria Beckam have adopted the rock t-shirt in their everyday lives. So which t-shirt to choose and how to wear it?  

1. Iron Maiden's Transilvania event t-shirt, with jeans and a perfecto

It's the most basic look and yet it works every time, whether for a man or a woman . Choose raw blue or black straight jeans, ankle boots, a black perfecto and the Iron Maiden transilvania t-shirt and you have a look to die for.  

Why did we choose this t-shirt? An emblematic heavy metal group , Iron Maiden performed a concert in Romania in August 2010 that left its mark and for which they created this t-shirt . Touches of red, pink and orange bring a crazy twist to a simple, but very trendy outfit.  

So how to wear it? As the trend is towards oversize, we advise you to choose a size larger . For a man, the t-shirt should be left outside the pants, and for women, we advise you to tuck in only the front, for a slightly more “rock chic” look. You can accessorize it with some jewelry, and possibly a hat depending on your “rock attitude” cursor. To order it, click here:  

iron maiden Transylvania t shirt

2. The classic black smiley t-shirt from Nirvana, with slim leather pants and an oversized blazer  

Combining a rock t-shirt with a chic outfit is possible! Do you want to be classy but add a touch of originality? The rock t-shirt is the solution. Kendall Jenner did it, and we recommend it too: slim leather jeans with a possible black and gold belt, heeled ankle boots or pumps, classic Nirvana smiley t-shirt and an oversized blazer. 

Why this t-shirt? The smiley is an essential symbol of the rock group and their music which marked an entire generation. This simple t-shirt is nevertheless representative of the grunge and rebel spirit of Nirvana . The yellow of the smiley brings a touch of color to a dark and chic outfit.  

How to wear it? We advise you to choose your size so that the t-shirt is fitted enough. It's the oversized blazer in addition to the t-shirt pattern that will add a modern side to the complete outfit. Obviously, we recommend that you tuck your t-shirt completely into your slim jeans, and accessorize with jewelry and a belt. To order it, click here:  

black smiley nirvana t-shirt

3. Kiss's rockin' hard t-shirt, with a short denim skirt and Dr. Martens  

The rock t-shirt goes just as well with pants as it does with skirts. And precisely, for this outfit, we chose to combine the rockin'hard t-shirt from Kiss with a short blue, gray or black denim skirt with two shoe options: martens docks for a very rock outfit, or high converse for a more casual look.  

Why this t-shirt? This t-shirt is a visual homage to the group's eponymous album, released in 1974. Kiss is extremely recognizable thanks to its makeup and its hits still known today. We love this t-shirt, representative of the band and 70s rock.  

How to wear it? You have the choice to wear it in a very rock version: leave the t-shirt out, on your skirt and wear Dr. Martens to assume the “rebel attitude”. The second option is perhaps wiser: wear the t-shirt tucked into the skirt, and wear converse for a more casual look. It's up to you to see what you prefer! To order here:  

black kiss t-shirt


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