3 styles différents pour porter le bob cet été

· By Armelle Hillairet

3 different styles to wear the bob this summer

The bucket hat is the new fashionable accessory. Unisex, it is suitable for everyone who has what we call “a hat head”. From the basic bucket hat that we buy to protect ourselves from the sun at the beach to the couture bucket hat purchased by older children fashionistas, the bob is undeniably attractive . Today, we offer you 3 styles, for which the bob is perfect!  

1. Sportswear version  

For anyone who doesn't know, sportswear is the definition of comfortable style: taking advantage of sportswear to create a style. The objective is very simple, the search for comfort takes precedence.  

Regardless of your gender, sportswear is suitable for anyone who wants to wear it. In general, we use pieces like baggy pants, jogging pants, leggings, combined with crop tops or wide t-shirts, with of course a sweatshirt.  

Lately, you must have observed a few trends, often worn by young people: oversized pieces (wear larger for a looser and more comfortable effect), or the famous combo of high white socks with a skirt or shorts, and finally accessories like fanny packs, caps, bucket hats , etc. 

The bob has been new for 2 or 3 years. The accessory popularized in the 90s and forgotten, is once again highlighted. And honestly, more than a useful piece of headwear, it's a fashionable touch to add to your outfit.  

Today, I recommend the Les Ardentes festival bucket hat to accessorize your outfit. Black, canvas and quite simple, it allows you to combine it with different colors. The lightweight canvas is an advantage for summer. The “LA23” logo is very discreet and brings a touch of originality. So, convinced? For the shopper, it's here:

black bob les ardentes

2. Casual version  

You are going to tell me, what is “casual” style? In truth, casual style is also “normcore”, that is to say: dressing “normally” . So dressing normally is a bit reductive since each style can correspond to the “normal” of the person wearing it. Let's just say that casual is simplicity. 

Simplicity is, for example, jeans, converse and a wool sweater. It can also be a simple t-shirt, or a plain shirt with shorts. The style is valid for all genders and all ages, and moreover, the new fashionable jeans are well representative: boyfriend jeans, moms jeans... The codes are mixed.  

The casual style may be simple, but it is still very pleasant to accessorize it to add a few touches of fun . This summer, you may be wearing denim shorts with a simple white t-shirt or khaki shorts with a black t-shirt and what better way than to accessorize them to add “something extra” to your outfit?  

If you like simple accessories, belts will do the trick, but you can also play with current trends. I'm thinking in particular of fanny packs or small backpacks, and of course caps or bucket hats.  

We have also selected the Solidays bob for you! Very sober, in 3 different colors with very high quality embroidery, it blends in perfectly with the rest of your outfit. Lightweight, it will be suitable for warm seasons (even if at the moment, that is not really the case...). Available on Offstage.fr:

solidays black bob

3. Casual chic version  

The chic version of casual style. What do we mean by that? Normality but with a much more classy and luxurious side. We're not going to lie, it's a style that suits many celebrities. 

No specific parts in this style, the main thing is in the assembly and quality of the products. Sober colors are rather recommended such as beige, white or black, as well as navy blue. The goal is to be chic, but simple.  

Which is also practical for finding accessories. Branded handbags, belts or discreet but classy jewelry, they are present. Hats are also one of the new fashionable accessories. I'm thinking in particular of the bob which is all the rage at the moment thanks to its brand: the Jacquemus bob.  

The Jacquemus bob is a chic touch to a very popular basic piece. Today, fashionistas are snapping it up. The advantages of the Jacquemus bucket hat are numerous: from its material to the stitching details and its shape, as well as the plurality of its colors. This is the one we recommend today to accessorize your casual chic outfit. Available on the brand's website.

And you, what is your style? Do you like bobs?


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