Les 10 meilleurs produits de vos artistes préférés sont en promotion Black Friday

· By Armelle Hillairet

The 10 best products from your favorite artists are on Black Friday promotion

Black Friday is coming in just a few days and, for many, that means it's time to start Christmas shopping. On Offstage.fr, we have decided to please you this year, and to offer you a selection of affordable gifts thanks to Black Friday promotions. 

1. Michel Sardou’s tote bag 

After announcing the last concert tour of his career in 2016-2017, the singer returns this year and in 2024 for his last tour “I remember a farewell”. His immense career has made him an icon of French song and if you are a fan, now is the time to buy one of the latest official products from his tour.  

The Michel Sardou tote bag on sale thanks to Black Friday, it's here.

michel sardou tote bag

2. Zazie’s “Air” tour t-shirt 

The great Zazie is going on tour in 2024 following her new album “Air”. According to her latest interviews , the singer feels tired of touring in big venues and would prefer small venues in the future. Isn't it time to take advantage of it and go see her in concert? Support the artist with one of his official products! 

Zazie’s “Air” tour t-shirt is available on sale thanks to Black Friday here.

zazie t-shirt

3. The Mogodo's baseball t-shirt by Matthieu Chédid 

Matthieu Chédid released his new album with his musicians, the “Mogodo's” in June 2022. The singer left on tour just after, and as usual, the fans' enthusiasm was at its maximum! M and his team plan to present the show in “Rêvalité” this December 7, 2023 at the cinema. 

Order Matthieu Chedid's Mogodo's baseball t-shirt on sale on Offstage.fr!

tshirt mogodo matthieu chedid

4. The black “Grow up a little” t-shirt by Eric Antoine 

Eric Antoine, the magician in France who has the most news at the moment! Present on stage, on TV with “Les traitres” or even “France has an incredible talent”, the magician is adored by the French. Products from its collection are on sale on Offstage.fr thanks to Black Friday: books, t-shirts, magic boxes... 

The black “Grow up a little” t-shirt by Eric Antoine is available here.

eric antoine tshirt

5. The Kickers x Francofolies t-shirt 

The Francofolies festival in La Rochelle attracts more than 150,000 people each year. It must be said that the diverse programming attracts all ages: M, Louise Attaque, Disiz, Tiakola and Gazo... This year, they have decided to once again produce official festival products, including a t-shirt in collaboration with Kickers. 

The promotional t-shirt is here.

francofolies tshirt

6. The Jok’Air sweatshirt 

At the beginning of May 2023, the rapper released a new album “Melvin de Paris” which once again won over his entire fanbase. Made up of 18 tracks, the album sold more than 9,000 copies in 7 days! 

The Jok'Air sweatshirt available on sale here.

jok air sweatshirt

7. The white sweatshirt from Gims 

Gims is today on tour in the United States , where, for him, “the cradle of urban music” is located. His melodies, his voice and his style mixing rap, reggaeton and Afro have attracted both French and English speakers. 

The white Gims sweatshirt is available here. Black Friday is crazy on Offstage.fr! 

Gims white sweatshirt

8. The NTM connected frame from Iiconi 

Iconic group of the 90s, NTM is still in people's minds today. Joey Starr and Kool Shen separated and each continued their career differently: Joey Starr on the stage in the theater and in the cinema, in the kitchen too; and Kool Shen in music and on TV. 

The NTM Iiconi connected frame on sale thanks to Black Friday, it's here.

ntm album

9. The yellow and black cap of Sexion d’Assaut 

How can we not remember this legendary group? The group, which broke up a few years ago, has seen the careers of two of its members grow: Black M and Gims, who are today followed by an ever more cheerful audience.  

However, why not remember the Sexion d'Assaut who punctuated our younger years with the yellow and black cap on sale here?

sexion assault cap

10. The Rose Tayc sweatshirt 

His career and his appearance in season 11 of “Dancing with the Stars” (which he won with Fauve Hautot) make him a singer adored by his audience. In the summer of 2023, he released a romantic and warm title that filled all the café terraces. 

Her pink sweatshirt (“love” vibe) is available on Offstage.fr on Black Friday promotion!

pink tayc sweatshirt

So, did one of the gifts appeal to you? Don't hesitate to order between November 18 and 24 to take advantage of Black Friday discounts. And if you have doubts about the gifts you want to give, we have other ideas for you below: 

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