5 cadeaux originaux pour la fête des mères 2024

· By Yves Douzon

5 original gifts for Mother's Day 2024

This year, Mother's Day in France is May 26, 2024 and it's time to find an original gift idea to please the women around you. To accompany the children's inevitable flowers and pasta necklaces, we have selected for you some original gift ideas for a music fan!  

1. The white “Aimée” t-shirt by Julien Doré  

An artist with an incomparable and multi-awarded universe, Julien Doré is recognized for his offbeat style and his closeness with his fans. In 2025, he will leave for a highly anticipated major tour throughout France. The products from its “Aimée” collection are ideal for demonstrating your love for your mother or the women around you! 

The very elegant white t-shirt embroidered “Aimée” in pink on the heart is our little favorite of the collection. Sober and can be worn with everything, this t-shirt is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. 

In the same collection, we also love the Aimée slides by Julien Doré, perfect for enjoying summer in style!  

2. The golden limited edition of the cult album “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC  

Published in 1979, Highway to Hell is a rock monument, an essential album, considered one of AC/DC's best. In 2024, the legendary Australian group is going back on tour for its 50th anniversary, including a visit to France for the first time in 8 years! 

A limited collector's edition with the gold-colored album Highway to Hell has just been released and will delight moms who are rock fans! This gift is a must have for any self-respecting rock fan's record collection. 

3. The Mamma Mia glittery pink t-shirt! 

The famous musical Mamma Mia brought the audience of the Casino de Paris to their feet for several months this winter 2023/2024. Its colorful universe transports us to summer, to Greece, to the rhythm of ABBA music.  

We love the Mamma Mia glitter pink t-shirt ! Completely reflecting the colors of the show, it will reflect your bond with your mother very well!  

4. The Mylène Farmer water bottle  

Mylène Farmer is a unique artist whose mystical universe and mysterious personality have elevated her to the status of an icon of French pop music. A transgenerational artist, each announcement of the release of her albums or the launch of her tours is an immediate success. His latest Nevermore tour, which will conclude in October 2024 at the Stade de France, is the perfect example.  

Its brand new bottle is a perfect gift to accompany your mother's daily life. Another lovely Mother’s Day gift! 

5. The “Rebel” Amy Winehouse t-shirt

Despite a short career, Amy Winehouse's instantly recognizable voice and her inimitable authentic style have left an indelible mark in the world of music and in her relationship with fans. His powerful legacy is the subject of the biographical film “Back to Black”, which is released in theaters on April 24, 2024!  

For Mother's Day, think about Amy Winehouse's “Rebel” t-shirt , a testament to the artist's unforgettable personality... And maybe your mom! 

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