5 cadeaux personnalisés pour la fête des pères

· By Yves Douzon

5 personalized gifts for Father's Day

What gift are you going to give your dad for Father's Day? Why not salute his good taste in music? This year, Father's Day in France is June 16, 2024 . A few weeks after having pleased your mother for Mother's Day, it is for your father that you are now looking for a gift. What's better than a gift linked to your musical tastes? We have therefore prepared a selection of 5 personalized gifts perfect for a music-loving dad!  

1. The AC/DC 50 years collector’s t-shirt  

The legendary Australian group has announced that it is going back on its “POWER UP” tour and will celebrate its 50th anniversary on this occasion with a series of concerts, all of which are already sold out! 

How can you miss the superb black AC/DC fifty years collector's t-shirt produced for the occasion , and which is the perfect gift for any rock fan ! 

In the same collection, we also love the vinyl albums reissued in gold colors of the essential AC/DC classics: Highway to Hell, Back in Black and AC/DC LIVE!  

2. The complete connected by Georges Brassens, in limited and numbered edition  

A unique artist in the history of French music, due to the richness of his texts and his authentic personality, Georges Brassens has left an indelible mark on French musical heritage.  

Everyone has already hummed the unforgettable tunes of “Les Copains d’avant”, “Le Gorille”, “Les Amoureux des bancs publics” or one of the most heard in recent years “Le temps ne fait rien à l’affaires ”, which can be heard in the credits of the comedy film “Le Diner de Cons”.  

For Father's Day, give your dad the collector's edition of his complete works ! Grouped together in a superb album, there are more than 300 works available for unlimited listening via this connected object! It can be placed on a piece of furniture or hung on a wall to add a magnificent touch to your father's decor !  

3. The black sweatshirt “Les Crayons de Renaud” by Renaud  

He is one of the most popular singers in France and has spanned the decades like no other with unforgettable titles including “Mistral Gagnant”, “Laisse Béton”, “Dès que le vent soufflera” or “Morgue de toi” .  

Singer, songwriter and performer, Renaud has also expressed himself a lot through drawing throughout his career. For Father's Day, offer the black “Les Crayons de Renaud” sweatshirt featuring a unique drawing by the artist.  

4. The book “Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of The Moon”

The Dark Side of The Moon is the eighth album by legendary band Pink Floyd. It is one of the best-selling albums in history and marked a turning point in the group's immense career! From this album will emerge global hits: “Money”, “Time” and even “Us and Them”. 

This fascinating book is essential for knowing everything about the work , its development and the role of each musician in its writing. A gift that will delight rock fans for Father's Day ! 

5. 2Pac’s black “Praying” t-shirt 

Is your dad a fan of Hip Hop , especially that of the 80s and 90s? He was surely touched by the songs of 2PAC, considered one of the best rappers of all time !  

Passing away tragically and very prematurely, his musical legacy and influence have only grown considerably since. The names of these albums and some of his songs have even become cult and have now become popular expressions such as “All Eyes on Me” or “California Love”.  

The Tupac t-shirt as a gift will please all rap fans!  

Did you find a gift you like on this list? If so, we're delighted, if not, we have other gift ideas for you here: 



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