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· By Armelle Hillairet


It's almost Father's Day... Only 10 days left to find a gift that will make him happy! Are you also having trouble finding an idea? We offer you 5 ideas that change from the ordinary.  

Iiconi, connected albums

Iiconi connected albums are a perfect mix between decoration and exclusive content . The purpose of this album is to be able to exhibit it at home, like a frame, placed on a console for example, but also to take advantage of its new content!  

In this album, you will find videos, unpublished interviews, podcasts, rare photos, stories, and of course, music ! On OFFSTAGE, you will find 17 connected albums, by artists from various backgrounds: Johnny Hallyday, Serge Gainsbourg, Alain Bashung, George Brassens, Benjamin Biolay or even NTM ...  

Why is this the perfect gift for your dad? Possibly, he is a fan of Johnny Hallyday or NTM , so you score a first point. Then, the principle of the connected album is original and you haven't necessarily seen that elsewhere! Finally, it is a nice decoration for someone who loves music in general.  

The cap of the last Indochina concert  

Pop rock group formed in 1981, Indochine surely animated the evenings of your fathers when they were 20 years old! Although it doesn't make us any younger, we too have listened to “ L'aventurier ” over and over!  

This flagship title dates from 1982 and since then, many successes have followed. Today and since the 2000s , the group is back in force with many albums, including the latest live: “ Central Tour ”.  

We have selected a nice "Central Tour" cap from Indochina, to offer for Father's Day . A useful accessory in all circumstances, and the aesthetics of the cap remain sober to go with all her outfits!  

Indochina cap

 Gad Elmaleh's show poster

“Being blonde is not a hair color, it's a state of mind.” . Who does not know the phrase of the famous comedian? The blond, this famous character to whom your father can completely compare himself while mocking.  

Did your dad go to his shows ? Does he follow his news closely? We advise you, for Father's Day , to offer him a poster of Gad Elmaleh 's show with the frame of your choice.  

Personalize it with a wooden frame or a plexiglass plate, a white edge or not, and above all, the addition of a dedication from the artist ! So who will be the happiest?  

Gad Elmaleh show poster

Francis Cabrel's songbooks  

Francis Cabrel is a monument of French musical culture . On the strength of his past successes, in particular “ La Corrida ” or “ I loved you, I love you, I will love you”, he is releasing his 14th album in 2020.  

Whether your father is a musician , singer or neither, owning the songbooks of one of his favorite artists is a poetic and original gift.  

In his songbooks , you will find the lyrics of the songs, the guitar charts and the piano. There are 9 different ones, but of course, we recommend the one that touches us the most: Saturday evening on earth .  

Songbook Gad Elmaleh

 The special Stars 80 game  

Emile & Images, Sabrina, Patrick Hernandez, Jean-Pierre Mader, Phil Barney, William from Debut Evening, Christiane from Zouk Machine ... Do these names ring a bell? It's normal, we're talking about the generation of our parents.  

However, these are big hits from the 80s ! And your parents must have danced to these songs when they were young, especially “The Midnight Demons” . They may have already attended the “ Stars 80 ” show to enjoy these hits?  

We have unearthed a very original little gift for your fathers. Indeed, to remember the 80s, the game “Stars 80” will allow you to play with friends or family more than 400 questions, 150 mimes or 100 karaoke titles . What better way for a father to enjoy with his family?  

Game Stars 80


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