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47TER on Offstage.fr!

47Ter, is a group of three young men, formed in 2017. On vocals, Pierre-Paul, on bass Blaise and on guitar Lopes. You probably know them thanks to one of their titles “We had said”, “L'Adresse” or even “Soleil d'or” all three gold discs.

From Facebook in 2017 to a first album in 2019

The group began to make itself known on the internet, on a social network well known to young people. The trio regularly published short songs on classic melodica tunes... We can notably recognize Macklemore or Eminem!

In 2018, the trio released a first EP “Petits Princes”, followed by a second which brings together all their short songs from the series “On venez gâriser tes Classiques” . Following that, they participate in their first live on Radio Sensations, which highlights new talents.

Finally, in 2019, it's the consecration: they release their first album "L'Adresse", an album between pop and rap. The titles “Côte Ouest” and “We had said” play over and over again on the radio: who hasn't had in mind “Remember we said, when we were little kids...”? We love it!

A new album in 2022, with 2 iconic feats

2022 announces the release of their new album called “Au Bon Place” . It corresponds to the expectations of the fans while allowing the group to broaden its field of action: indeed, the group touches all musical styles, without wanting to fit into a box. According to Pierre-Paul, they have always been categorized, whether rap, then finally pop.

After months of working on the new album, it's finally coming out. We discover original featurings: “Ou tu vas” is an Afro walk shared with Tayc and “Si j'avais”, a featuring with La Fouine , one of the trio's favorite rappers. “It was too much of an ultimate dream” announces Pierre-Paul.

The album continues with different types of varied tracks, from flow to lyrics, there is something for everyone. “Around Me” represents the reality of impostor syndrome for the group. Finally, Pierre-Paul explains on their album "There is nevertheless a thing of: is it that, in the end, all these years of studies, of reflections, of: we are no longer kids but we are not no longer mega adults. Are we in the right place?”

Official merchandise in the style of their latest album

You will find the group on tour this summer, notably at the “ Les Déferlantes ” festival from July 6 to 8, and at the Olympia in October 2023. You must have seen on their Instagram that they have already presented their official products? We are fans!

Already, because they have thought of everything! Caps and a fairly sober bucket hat, which will go with all styles. We with the team, we love bobs! It is the essential accessory in summer, and super trendy. If you are going for a complete outfit, you can combine the bucket hat with a white t-shirt for example.

The 47Ter t-shirt with the name of the group in a pyramid shape is very fashionable: it combines the modernity and the all-purpose of a white t-shirt with a detail (the name of the group therefore!) quite 2000s. With this, you combine black, beige, gray, green, denim shorts, everything goes together!

And in addition, you will necessarily wear sneakers. Who says sneakers, says socks! Either you are from the “socks” team or you are from the “high sports socks” team (we are from the high socks team). We therefore recommend legend or 47Ter socks with green stripes!

We are waiting for a photo of your outfits on Instagram! You have the links directly on the photos. Tag @47Ter, but especially @offstage.fr or #offstagefr so that we share you again! And as they said so well on their Instagram “If you want to be the most beautiful for the festivals don't hesitate lol”.


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