Michel Berger et Luc Plamondon

· By Armelle Hillairet


Starmania, a show created in April 1979 by composer Michel Berger and lyricist Luc Plamondon , goes on tour again in 2023-2024 thanks to Raphaël Hamburger. With more than 6 million spectators for more than 40 years, the Opéra-Rock is a must-see that makes all generations sing.

1. For the story

Starmania: what is the show about? It is the story of 8 characters, in a West terrorized by a band of “dark stars”, who cross paths during a presidential campaign: the richest man in the world, a fallen actress, a star presenter , an environmental activist, a terrorist, an automated waitress, Ziggy, a young lunatic, a “boy like no other”.

Between political issues, homosexuality, assassinations, terrorism, ecology, turbulent love stories unfold. If the story is dark and the themes addressed are serious, the discourse speaks to our generations: the obsession with celebrity and threatened nature are very current...

2. For staging and visual and sound creation

With his experience in theater (staging of Macbeth Underworld by Dusapin at La Monnaie de Bruxelles in 2019, Henry VI + Richard III by Shakespeare in 2022...), Thomas Joly was selected to direct Starmania.

He worked in particular with Thomas Dechandon, the lighting designer of the Opéra-Rock. For three years, they imagined the visual identity of the show, then, for 5 weeks, built the light effects in a venue in Nice. “There were major discussions and confrontations around questions of scale and the dynamism we wanted to bring,” explains Thomas Dechandon.

Ultimately, it is a success for everyone since the show is rewarded with two Molières: the Molière of musical spectacle and the spectacle of visual and sound creation. “It was an honor, and even a privilege, to have to rebuild this monument, and to reopen it to the public who appreciate it,” explains Thomas Joly.

3. For artists and timeless hits

Who hasn't already sung “When We Come to Town” or “I Need Love”? These hits, composed by Michel Berger and written by Luc Plamondon and sung by the greatest in 1979: France Gall, Daniel Balavoine, Maurane...

Today, the hits are sung by a whole new generation : Julien Carreaun known as Côme, in the role of Johnny Rockfort. The young man was discovered in The Voice, season 4 and has already obtained a role in the musical “Le Rouge et le Noir”.

Fabienne Thibeault, one of the legendary voices of Starmania version 1979, was succeeded by Alex Montembault. This 23-year-old singer, discovered in The Voice 2021, plays Marie-Jeanne, the automaton waitress.

Starmania sweatshirt

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