Qui est le duo Caballero & JeanJass qui a enflammé Les Ardentes ?

· By Armelle Hillairet

Who is the Caballero & JeanJass duo that ignited Les Ardentes?

You may have heard of the duo Caballero & JeanJass following the Les Ardentes festival? The Brussels duo set the festival stage on fire on Friday 7 July. But then, who are they?  

A duo of rappers since 2016  

Caballero , or rather Artur Caballero Mañas Sentis of his real name, and Jassim Jean Ramdani, known as JeanJass are two Belgian rappers who started their career as a duo from 2016.  

They are part of the same wave of new Belgian rappers like Roméo Elvis, Damso and Hamza who launched in 2014. Their success was almost immediate, since as early as 2016, the duo already delivered hits with memorable punchlines unveiled on their series of “Double Helix” albums.  

The key to their success? Their humor and their references are at the heart of their work. If you follow them, you probably know that they present a cooking show called “High and fine herbs” , to replace the famous seasoning “Garlic and fine herbs”...  

It is also following this show that they released in 2020, the mixtape of the same name. The show will also have seen many rappers like: Alkapote, Lorenzo, Lomepal ...  

It is after that the two rappers decide to go solo, to make known their different universes. They get together right after to do a tour they will call “Caballero VS JeanJass”.  

In 2023, they announce season 4 of the show "High & Fines Herbes" with rappers from the new scene like Gazo, Soso Maness, or Jok'Air. A second part of the album of the same name follows.  

The originals of the Les Ardentes festival  

If you are looking for a performance that should not be missed at the Les Ardentes festival, it is that of Caballero and JeanJass. Already, who enters an oven?! Ultimately, a kitchen must-have, and a great way to introduce volume two of “High & Fines Herbes”.  

On the program, many feats, each more beautiful than the other: Savage Tony, Limsa D'Aulnay, Sopico, Rim'K, but also Kaaris . Also give a nice dedication (the Sonic track) to Luv Resval , regular on the “High & Fines Herbes” show, who died at the end of last year.  

The show ends with the oven ringing, announcing the imminent arrival of a new guest... And finally, it is Roméo Elvis and Slimka who continue with Caballero & JeanJass on “Bruxelles is coming”, “Sur mon nom ” or “California”.  

Marketing professionals  

Caballero & JeanJass is therefore a cooking show and rap. But they don't stop there! A few days ago they released “Oktogone” , a mobile game in which your favorite rappers compete in combat.  

An application to promote their album as well (you will hear on the menu, titles of “High & Fines Herbes”), but above all to have fun. You can face Kaaris, but also Alkpote, So La Lune, Zamdane, Rim'K, Slimka or even H JeuneCrack. 

It is of course possible to choose JeanJass and Caballero with their respective weapons. If you're in trouble, you'll have the opportunity to hear “You're guez bro, gonna have to try hard”. Always on the tone of humor, it works.  

In any case, this duo of rappers, we love them. That's why we have them on Offstage.fr . On their page, a Zenith t-shirt , a sweatshirt and two jerseys . They make you want, don't they? The link is here 🔥  




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