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· By Armelle Hillairet


This year, from July 6 to 9, the Ardentes will once again take place in Liège, Belgium. The program still promises to be incredible and many festival-goers have already taken their places to attend. Besides, we have a little surprise for you... On OFFSTAGE.FR, we offer their official products exclusively!  

Les Ardentes, one of the biggest summer hip hop festivals in Europe  

Created in 2006 by two hip-hop enthusiasts, Les Ardentes has become one of the most emblematic festivals in Europe . The electro-rock, pop and jazz music of the first editions gave way to a very hip-hop festival , which is all the more popular: A success which took them from 90,000 festival-goers to more than 210,000 (2.3 times more) in 4 editions only.  

Bringing together more than 210,000 visitors last year, witnessing the best of the hip-hop and urban scene, the festival intends to go even further this year. The objective? 60,000 per day, or 240,000 people in total...  

More than a music festival, an unforgettable experience over 4 days  

This year, the Ardentes lineup is once again extraordinary: Kendrick Lamar, Aya Nakamura, Travis Scott, SCH, J Balvin, DJ Snake, Booba, Central Cee... More than a hundred French-speaking and international artists will share the scenes from Les Ardentes. Something to set the mood!  

In addition to the planned concerts, the festival offers various activities that will liven up your days: karaoke, temporary tattoos, makeup, video games (Fortnite, League of Leagends, Forza Horizon 5, etc.)... And to rejoice, the Ardentes are planning concerts. food trucks offering recipes from around the world with quality and seasonal products (vegetarian and halal planned).  

To frame the festival, the Ardentes have set up “Les Ardengagés”: “The party is good, but with respect , it’s better”. The objective is to carry out awareness-raising activities among festival-goers via associations or projects set up: Synka, Youth Forum, Night Council, Oxfam, Amnesty, etc.  

Official products, to keep eternal memories  

You will experience an extraordinary time at Les Ardentes this summer. You will surely come back with a head full of memories ? Wouldn't it be great to have something extra? That something that reminds you that you too were at the festival that year?  

At OFFSTAGE.FR , our mission is to help you keep an eternal memory following a moment you experienced. This is why we have teamed up with Les Ardentes, to offer you their official products online ! And this year, they are INCREDIBLE!  

So what's online?  

Sweatshirts, short and long sleeve t-shirts, white and black with the 2023 program. Why do we love them? Very graphic, the mix of colors and graffiti writing is very original. In addition, they are ultimately discreet enough to be able to wear them every day!  

This first collection is enhanced by identical formats but with new colors (blue, green, khaki...) and a pattern on the back “Moshpit” (or pogo, a place where everyone bumps into each other to “l 'atmosphere"). We love “summer” colors !  

Finally, in the secondary collection, you will find different clothes and accessories to style your outfits . Between crop tops, pants and shorts but also bob, you have the choice. And from an originality point of view, the hood is unheard of!

Hood the ardent

We will be at the festival this year, and I might as well tell you that we were all motivated to dress in the same Ardentes t-shirt (the khaki one)! Firstly, to recognize each other (unless you play a joke on us and buy the same one as us), but above all, to keep a great memory of our shared adventure at the festival!  


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