Qui sont les nommés des Victoires de la Musique 2024 ?

Who are the nominees for the Victoires de la Musique 2024?

This Friday, February 9, 2024, the Victoires de la Musique will take place for the 39th time, live from the Seine Musicale. They will be broadcast on television on France 2 at 9:10 p.m. (1h40). Last year, great awards were won by Angèle (Female Artist of the Year 2023), Stromae (Male Artist of the Year 2023), Pierre De Maere (Male Revelation 2023), and November Ultra (Female Revelation 2023 ) as well as OrelSan for his original song “La Quête” as well as his concert “Civilization tour”. So this year, who are the nominees?

1. Male artist 

  • Etienne  
  • Daho  
  • Pierre de Maere  
  • Gazo  
  • Vianney 👉🏼 His store is on Offstage.fr with his official products as well as his brand VRAI 💕  

True by Vianney

2. Female artist 

Jain boutique

  • Louane 
  • Aya Nakamura 
  • Véronique Sanson 

3. Male revelation 

  • Colorless Night 
  • Love Simone 
  • Yamê (You've probably already heard this song 👇🏼) 

    4. Female revelation 

    • Adèle Castillon 
    • Meryl 
    • Zaho de Sagazan 

    5. Scene Revelation 

    • Julien Granel (All in color 👇🏼) 

    • Meryl 
    • Zaho de Sagazan 

    6. Scrapbook 

    • “2 to 3” - Vianney 
    • “J.OOO.$” - Josman 
    • “The symphony of lightning” - Zaho de Sagazan 
    • “The Fool” – Jain 
    • “Shooting the stars at night” - Etienne Daho 

    7. Original song 

    • “Sweet” - Clara Ysé - Author/Composer: Clara Ysé 
    • “Child of” - Pierre de Maere - Author: P. de Maere/Composers: P. de Maere, Xavier de Maere & Kenzi 
    • “The symphony of lightning” - Zaho de Sagazan - Author/Composer: Z. de Sagazan/Arrangers: P. Cheguillaume & A. Delong (Pretty, touching and nostalgic words 💕) 
    • “Secret” - Louane - Author/Composer: Louane/Arranger: Tristan Salvati 

    8. Concert 

    • Bigflo & Oli - “The Grand Tour” - Production: Bleu Citron 
    • Damso - “Qalf Tour” - Production: Strong Live/The Vie/Yuma/Carthage 
    • Apple - “Consolation Tour” - Production: Uni-T/Sois Sage Musique 
    • Shaka Ponk - “The Final Fucked Up Tour” - Production: Zouave/Cyco Records 👉🏼 The Shaka Ponk packs are online on Offstage.fr (We love them!) 

    9. Audiovisual creation 

    • “Commando” - Shay - Director: Guillaume Doubet 
    • “Flame” - Juliette Armanet - Director: Scotty Simper (You know the words! “You make my flame shine”) 👇🏼 

    • “The Symphony of Lightning” - Zaho de Sagazan - Director: Bobby León 

    This year again, there is a great selection which heralds a varied evening of music. Do you have any preferences? 🤩 We, a little... We necessarily support the artists who are on Offstage.fr but we are also very fond of those who are not there yet... And who, we hope, will be there soon, for please yourself 😉 

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