Notre sélection de 5 produits Saint-Valentin 2024

· By Armelle Hillairet

Our selection of 5 Valentine’s Day 2024 products

Valentine's Day is in 13 days and you haven't yet planned any gifts for your loved one? Whether you are together on Valentine's Day evening or not (footballers, a little wink to you), a little attention is always nice to receive ! Here is our special Valentine’s Day selection for all music-loving couples 💕 

1. Aimée tap shoes by Julien Doré 

These slides are a perfect Valentine's Day gift for lovers who love summer (or not, since we know sock slides too)! These slides, in pink or black, can be a joint gift for two lovers who like to match. The inscription “Aimée”, named after one of Julien Doré’s albums, is also a romantic nod to your loved one 😉.  

Julien Doré slides Julien Doré slides

2. The Colors of Solidays t-shirt from Solidays 

It is obvious that a heart is the absolute symbol of lovers for Valentine's Day! The Colors of Solidays festival t-shirt is a very cute touch for all couples. The rainbow is a perfect representation of lovers who see life in colors ! 🌈 This t-shirt also exists in a round-neck sweatshirt format. You can also match by buying a sweatshirt + a t-shirt! 

Solidays heart tshirt

3. The vintage Kiss t-shirt from Kiss 

Do you all know the translation of Kiss? Le bisou anglophone is also a great rock group that has moved many generations. For lovers who want to give a lover's Valentine's Day gift, but who want to do so with a certain discretion, this is the perfect gift. You will find this t-shirt for women and men. If your partner likes rock, this is also a nice way to please them ! 🎸 

Tshirt kiss

4. The Solidays Heartline sweatshirt 

Are you looking for something a little more graphic? This round neck sweatshirt with a printed graphic in the shape of a heart and kissing faces is completely part of the love and Valentine's Day collection ! Powder pink also reminds us of love... And if you are involved, you should know: all purchases made of Solidays products finance prevention and support actions for patients. It’s a way of saying “I love you” to a lot of people, isn’t it? 🥰 

heartline tshirt

5. The Francofolies “One day I will go to the Francos with you” t-shirt 

How can you not understand the statement of this t-shirt? “One day, I will go to the Francos with you” necessarily implies a future, and the sharing of a romantic moment! What more beautiful atmosphere than an evening of music, near the sea during the summer ? Especially since if you are giving this t-shirt for Valentine's Day, you can pair it with tickets to the festival and make a Valentine's Day gift that will make an impact this year. ⚓️ 

francofolies tshirt

We hope this top has given you some ideas? It's always nice to give and receive a little attention, whether it's Valentine's Day or not! So yes, it may be a commercial celebration, but it's also a way to celebrate your love and remember your feelings, whether you've been in a relationship for 2 years, 6 years or 20 years 🤩 

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