Pourquoi le football tombe encore pendant la Saint-Valentin ?

· By Armelle Hillairet

Why does football still fall on Valentine's Day?

“Why are we talking about football on Offstage?” will you tell me? Well, quite simply because it’s a subject that drives our (mixed) team and our daily lives. Indeed, this is not the first year that this has happened, PSG is playing for a fourth time, on February 14, in 8 years! But why this date?  

Football Valentine's Day

The answer is very simple: UEFA (the association which organizes the European Football Cup matches) communicates a more or less random calendar which requires playing on certain dates, and bad luck, PSG falls very regularly on Valentine's Day evenings.  

So what solutions are available to couples?  

  1. Spend Valentine's Day together, in front of the game (yes, there are some people who like that!)
  2. Spend Valentine's Day together, without the game (at a restaurant, cinema, we'll let you come up with original ideas)  
  3. Spending Valentine's Day apart, because one member of the couple prefers football... (that doesn't stop you from buying a gift, right? 😉)  

Valentine's day

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