5 spectacles à ne pas manquer en 2024

· By Armelle Hillairet

5 shows not to be missed in 2024

Have you had the Christmas holidays and are starting January again with a hint of depression? Don't worry, to counterbalance, there's nothing like organizing cultural outings to have fun ! We have selected 5 shows not to be missed at the start of 2024 (between January and May). 

1. The famous musical Mamma Mia  

Nothing like a ray of Greek sunshine to start 2024! Immerse yourself in the joyful world of the musical Mamma Mia in which you will recognize ABBA songs. What better way to start the year off in style and add some excitement to your routine than to sing iconic hits all evening! Are you still hesitant? Read this article, we give you 3 good reasons to go see Mamma Mia.

You can book tickets for the musical at the Casino de Paris for January here. And to be completely in the Mamma Mia atmosphere, order your official product now: sweatshirts, tote bags, t-shirts, mugs, posters. All colorful and glittery!  

Seat Mamma Mia

2. Jain and his tour “The Fool Tour”  

The singer, who had taken a moment of break from her career to concentrate on her private life, returned to the stage in 2023. Selected for the Victoires de la Musique in February 2024, the singer successfully reclaimed the stage. His tour “The Fool Tour” has already received several very positive reviews : “The Fool skilfully synthesizes decades of music (Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Elton John, Kate Bush, Stevie Wonder, and so on), revisited with a spirit very current. Above all, it’s melodic and catchy, from start to finish.”  

Places for Jain are available here. The official products in the colors of his tour are very aesthetic and you can already order them here.  

Jain t-shirt

3. Offbeat comedian Laura Felpin 

The comedian Laura Felpin made herself known on social networks when she chose to interpret several clichéd characters from our society who ultimately sometimes refer us to our own image or to acquaintances from those around us. His ability to master theater, singing or dancing with humor makes his show a moment that we don't see go by. 

We advise you to take places as soon as possible here , to start the year happily! 

4. The multi-generational rock opera Starmania 

The multi-awarded rock opera is not to be left behind. You may have already seen it, in 1979 or today, but if not, we strongly advise you to go see it! Besides, we gave you 3 reasons to go see Starmania here . You will definitely be humming these famous hits which were made famous by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon. 

To take places, click here . And if you want to keep a souvenir of this multigenerational show, it's here. 

Starmania water bottle

5. Michel Sardou, in concert throughout France 

We couldn't finish this list without a Michel Sardou concert! The internationally renowned singer needs no introduction. You probably have your grandparents, parents or yourself who know his songs by heart. It's also the time to take advantage of this to go see him in concert, because it's his last tour! 

For the tour throughout France and the places, it's here . For official products that pay homage to his last tour, it's here. 

Sardou t-shirt

So, are any of the shows interesting to you? Personally, I went to see Mamma Mia and Starmania , and both really appealed to me so much that I recommended them to everyone around me! My next one is probably Laura Felpin and I can't wait to discover her many characters who are so well created and interpreted. 
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