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The Christmas holidays are just over and so as not to get depressed about the restart, the sales are coming! Several key information at the start of the year: if you live in certain departments such as Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, Moselle and Vosges, the sales start today, on Tuesday January 2, 2024 (end on January 29 January).

For the rest of France, the sales will start on January 10 and end on February 6, 2024 . For Offstage, it's the same thing and that's why we have selected the 5 best promotions from our 2024 winter sales! 

1. Eric Antoine’s collection 

Perhaps you came across one of Eric Antoine's shows during the Christmas holidays and it made you laugh? Indeed, Eric Antoine has the energy and humor to host extraordinary magic shows. This is also why he inspires so many young magicians who want to get started.  

Have you perhaps already given one of his magic boxes at Christmas? Well, if you haven't had the opportunity and are looking for a gift, we are offering sales from January 10 on Eric Antoine products : t-shirts, books and magic boxes.  

eric antoine tshirt

2. Official Gims products  

Gims continues his tour all over the world. Currently on tour in Africa, and in Reunion, he ends it at the end of January with Europe.  

Do you support the singer but haven't yet had the opportunity to buy one of his official products? Don't hesitate any longer, official Gims products are on sale from January 10, 2024 on! In his collection, find: Gims' latest LVDM album, black and white sweatshirts as well as t-shirts.  

GIMS tshirt

3. Sexion d’Assaut merch 

We talked about Gims just before, but he's one of the members of the old group Sexion d'Assaut! The rap group formed in 2002 had immense success before breaking up. Black M and Gims both moved towards solo careers. 

However, the success of the group has been very real: the two NRJ Music Awards are proof of this, as well as their numerous appearances on radio and TV. Remember good memories with official Sexion d’Assaut merch! Their products are on sale from January 10, 2024: caps, sweatshirts, and t-shirts.

White assault section tshirt  

4. The collection of Matthieu Chedid 

You may have seen Matthieu Chedid with his sister Nach during a mini concert in the hall of Vichy station during the Christmas holidays? Otherwise perhaps you listened to it in the podcast “A good moment” with Kyan Khojandi which was released about a month ago? 

In any case, we love Matthieu Chedid, and the “Rêvalité” collection linked to his latest album is simply incredible. Find, on sale from January 10, 2024, the products from his collection : small keychain guitars, a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a magnet... 

tshirt m

5. Official Tayc products 

Tayc was in concert in a famous nightclub in Lille at the end of December to celebrate Christmas and obviously won over the Lille public. In February, he will be in concert with Dadju in Paris during an exclusive concert! 

In the meantime, you can find its official products on sale from January 10, on ! Her white, pink or black t-shirts and sweatshirts are incredible. 

tayc sweatshirt

Find the products you want now and come buy them for the sales starting January 10, 2024 on Offstage! 

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