3 bonnes raisons d’aller voir Calogero en concert en 2024

3 good reasons to see Calogero in concert in 2024

After a few years playing and singing in the group Charts with his brother in the 80s and 90s, Calogero embarked on a solo career which was successful for him in the 2000s. After a ninth album entitled “AMOUR”, he launched this year in a tour throughout France, the first concerts of which have already convinced his fans. If you haven't taken your seats yet, don't worry, because after this top you will take them 😉  

1. For his hit titles 

Calogero began his solo career in 1999, supported by Zazie and Pascal Obispo. From 2002, he enjoyed immense success thanks to a title whose tune you must know: “En apegraveur” . It is also this hit as well as “Prendre Racine” which will make the album “Calogero” a diamond record. Many hits followed over the years, such as “Face à la mer” in a duet with Passi, “C’est dit” or even “Un jour au Bad Place”.  

In 2023, Calogero released his ninth album “AMOUR” . With this album, Calogero revisits the patterns of romantic relationships and returns to its origins via titles like “By choice or by chance” (anthem to France) or even “Le hall des departures” in a duet with Marie Poulain (on separation ) ...  

2. For its stage energy 

His first success 20 years ago made him a regular on the stage. The man of many talents (singing, piano, flute and especially bass, his favorite instrument) is on his seventh tour, and his audience is always on the lookout.  

Calogero began his 2024 tour with two concerts on January 2 and 3, 2024 at the European , a small Parisian venue. Only around ten fans were able to experience this exceptional moment which allowed the artist and his musicians to “warm up” before leaving for Lille with an initial zenith of 7,000 spectators.  

The show begins gently on the piano with “Happy Ending”, followed by “If Only I Could Miss Him”. Then appears an energetic “Amour” with Calogero on bass which launches a completely fiery evening. I'll let you imagine the excitement of the public when “Face à la mer” arrived... 

3. For his perfectly orchestrated show 

The “Amour” tour represents more than 50 dates throughout France and Belgium. The singer crossed France for almost a year, surrounded by his seven musicians and the instruments that accompanied him (brass, keyboards, percussion, stringed instruments...).

The show is well put together, and the public is also included in this orchestration: the singer's fans flash a QR code and download an application which allows them to have details about the show, the artist's official products but also and above all, the possibility of participating in the visual creations of the concert. As Coldplay does, the room lights up with the colors of the audience's phones. A show that makes Calogero, like its audience, happy.

Love Tour app

Did these 3 good reasons convince you to go see Calogero in concert ? We end this top with two key pieces of information. The first is that official Calogero products will be released soon on Offstage.fr , so sign up here to be informed in advance. The second is this sentence from Calogero who talks about his experience on stage and which ends this article perfectly “I love it so much. I'm not afraid of anything on stage. I no longer have any complexes.”


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