5 vinyles et CDs à avoir chez soi en 2024

· By Armelle Hillairet

5 vinyls and CDs to have at home in 2024

As you know, at Offstage, we love to advise you on new cultural events (if you missed our article on the 5 shows not to be missed in 2024, here it is)! And with Valentine's Day approaching , we wanted to recommend some CDs and vinyls that would be nice to have in your library, whether to liven up a romantic meal or an evening with friends . Here are 5 vinyls and CDs to have at home in 2024!  

1. The soundtrack of La Suite de Stars 80  

After a successful first tour in 2013 for Stars 80 with singers from this decade like Julie Pietri, Patrick Hernandez, Cookie Dingler, Jean-Pierre Mader and many others, the tour resumes in 2024 with new artists. Emile & Images, Jean-Pierre Mader, Sabrina, Patrick Hernandez, Vivien Savage, Zouk Machine, Phil Barney, Partenaire Particulier are there!  

In the CD of the second film, you will find more than 50 songs from the greatest singers of the 80s , from “Woman that I love” to “The demons of midnight”.  

CD Stars 80

2. The double vinyl Adulte Jamais by Marc Lavoine  

Marc Lavoine is no longer in the spotlight, but rather behind the scenes. In 2016, he released the show “Les Souliers Rouges”, a story of cursed love, with his friend and lyricist Fabrice Aboulker. The show is currently on tour again throughout France for 2024.  

The vinyl “Adulte Jam” is the 14th album by Marc Lavoine, released in 2022. The singer addresses themes such as love, childhood, the passing of time, poets, lost friends... He is surrounded by the best, and created an album in homage to a phrase that his father had said to him “never be reasonable!” . Discover Marc Lavoine’s album here . 

Vinyl Marc Lavoine

3. The Shaka Ponk collector’s vinyl  

“The Final Fucked Up Tour” will be the last tour (and the last album) of Shaka Ponk, who decided to stop the group following environmental commitments . After 20 years of career and 8 albums, the group began its last tour, the first concerts of which ignited the public.  

It is therefore essential to have in your library, the latest vinyl from the emblematic group, whose titles “Alegria” and “Dad'Algorythm” represent well what Shaka Ponk have experienced and felt in recent years . The vinyl with t-shirt and poster is here.

CD Shaka ponk

4. The Cold Flower CD by Tayc  

Y ou may have heard of Tayc recently, who teamed up with Dadju to release a joint project “Héritage” on February 16, 2024. This CD announces itself as “a celebration of love, music and art” but also an “album which is about to transcend musical and more generally audiovisual borders by mixing pop, R&B, and afrolov’”.  

Tayc is a singer-songwriter of pop, R&B, and afrolov who offers on Offstage his first CD “Fleur Froide” whose titles “Dis-moi comment” or even “Salomé” in feat with Marcus were gold records . The public's enthusiasm makes it a CD to have in your library !  

CD Tayc

5. Melvin de Paris vinyl from Jok'Air  

Last year, Jok'Air released an album “Melvin de Paris” whose autobiographical music met with immense success: 6 gold, 3 platinum and 2 diamond singles. The singer reveals, in this vinyl, his intimacy and in particular the personal experiences which marked his childhood, which was not always simple.  

In this vinyl , discover iconic collaborations with Laylow, Damso, Soprano, So La Lune and many others. It is also the title “What’s new baby” feat with Damso which is one of the most listened to today. 

CD Melvin of Paris

So, do any of the vinyls or CDs on this list tempt you? Think that it is always pleasant for your partner, your children or even your parents or grandparents to have a little varied music (even if it does not correspond directly to you but rather please one of your loved ones as soon as he comes to your house) 😉  

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