La collection Kappa x les Ardentes est en ligne !

· By Armelle Hillairet

The Kappa x les Ardentes collection is online!

A few days ago, the Ardentes announced a hot collaboration for 2024 with the streetwear brand Kappa! And today it finally comes out. Discover the official Les Ardentes x Kappa products now! 🔥 The products are pre-ordered and will be shipped from June 15, 2024. Let's go choose your outfit* for the hottest urban Belgian festival of the year 🫶🏼  

*Product links are in the photos

1. A hoodie, green or black  

The “Lurid” hoodie is 100% cotton, with cotton details that give an original style to this superb Les Ardentes x Kappa sweatshirt! For festival evenings, it’s always useful 😉  

2. A crop-top hooded sweatshirt, black or yellow  

The hooded crop-top sweatshirt is a short version of the previous sweatshirt. Its yellow or black color and crop-top cut allows you to add a new style to your wardrobe! 💅🏼  

3. A long-sleeved jersey, striped green or white  

The “Lien” jersey, 100% quality polyester, offers comfort and resistance. Combine style and comfort with this Les Ardentes x Kappa jersey! 💪🏼

4. A jersey, black or green  

The short sleeve version of the previous jersey is also available! What's better to have a nice sportswear style and not be hot while being comfortable? ⚽️  

5. Two crop-tops, yellow and white  

Crop tops are essential in the heat! Jersey format (polyester), or tank top format (cotton), you have the choice! Create a hot festival outfit with the Les Ardentes x Kappa crop-tops. 🔥  

6. A t-shirt, white and green  

These are basics but cotton t-shirts are a must! Lightweight, stylish, what's better than simplicity to be at the forefront of fashion? In white or green, you have the choice of two 100% cotton Les Ardentes x Kappa t-shirts. ✨  

7. Yellow socks  

Complete your outfit with the “Lapsus” socks, yellow with a mid-calf cut! An accessory that will hit the mark and will allow you to be spotted from afar! 😎  

8. White slides or black sandals  

For tapping your feet, slides and sandals may not be ideal, but for walking around the campsite or taking a break, they are a MUST-HAVE! Air out your toes with the Les Ardentes x Kappa slides. 🦶🏼  

So, what have you chosen for Les Ardentes 2024? Personally, I love the Les Ardentes x Kappa yellow crop top and green hoodie! It's already quite successful, so hurry up and choose your outfit to be on top of style at Ardentes 2024 🔥  

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