10 des meilleures chansons de Taylor Swift

· By Armelle Hillairet

10 of the best Taylor Swift songs

Taylor Swift is THE essential singer of the moment! His music, like his love life (with Travis Kelce , American football player for the Chiefs), fascinates and moves crowds (real fans are called Swifties ) ! She will also be in Paris on May 9, 10, 11 and 12, to the delight of French fans. To discover a little more about the singer, there is a very detailed video of Seb here , but we preferred to present 10 of his best tracks during his career!  

1. Love Story (2008)  

“Love Story” is the lead single from Taylor Swift’s 2008 sophomore album “Fearless.” This walk, with pop-country accents, tells a romantic story largely inspired by Romeo and Juliet 💕  

2. You Belong with Me (2008)  

From the same album as the previous one, the pop-country song “You Belong with Me” had some success in the United States since it placed Top 1 of “Hot Country Songs”!  

3. Mine (2010)  

Still on romantic themes, Taylor Swift offers us a lovely ballad called “Mine” in 2010, from the album “Speak Now”. This song is reminiscent of Tyalor Swift's own life, whose parents divorced when she was young.  

4. Back to December (2010)  

From the album “Speak Now”, Taylor Swift's song “Back to December” is an apology she sings to her ex-boyfriend. She may also be talking about Taylor Lautner (actor)...  

5. Mean (2010)  

“Mean” is a song aimed at people who criticize Taylor Swift on a daily basis. During an interview in 2010, the singer explained : "If you do what I do, you present yourself to the public, people all have different opinions about you. No matter what you do, you will always be criticized for nothing. "  

6.Red (2012)  

“Red” is Taylor Swift’s fourth album, No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in its first week. The album is now certified 7 times platinum!  

7. Blank Space (2014)  

In a more pop tone, the singer released the single “Blank Space” in 2014 in the album “1989”. The singer described the song as a satire of the media which portrays her as a “seductress”.  

8. Shake It Off (2014)  

Still inspired by criticism of her celebrity life, Taylor Swift wants to “Shake it Off” (get rid of it). It is the singer's first pop title which will have such success around the world.  

9. Wildest dreams (2014)  

“Wildest Dreams” is the 5th single from Taylor Swift’s album “1989”. A romantic ballad, it will be used for television romances, notably the series “The Bridgertons” on Netflix.  

10. The Tortured Poets Department (2024)

New to this ranking! The single “The Tortured Poets Department” is part of the album of the same name released this year! Fortnight is the first single released from this album and is already a huge success!  

If these songs put you in a good mood, you can always buy them here. However, we recommend choosing the “Taylor's Version” albums since she fought to regain the rights to her music and re-recorded her albums. What an artist! 💪🏼

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