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Spring is already arriving tomorrow and often, this also means the opening of the festival season! On Offstage, we also have two festivals this season: Printemps de Bourges (which is aptly named) at the end of April and Papillons de Nuit in mid-May! This is why we have decided to offer you, to anticipate and prepare as best as possible, a top 10 things not to forget to bring to a festival. 

1. Your tickets 

Well obviously, it’s the first essential to have with you. Whether on mobile or printed, tickets will not allow you entry if you do not show them at the entrance! 

Make sure to check with the organization of the festival you are attending that there is no need to bring proof (such as your identity card or other type of proof) if you have a reduction based on your age or your situation. Have a printed or photo copy with you, you never know! 

2. Your phone and a portable charger 

Essential for documenting your experience, your phone will allow you to take your best photos and videos, locate your friends and let your parents know that everything is fine 😉. If you have one, take a chain that will prevent you from losing it! 

Obviously, the charger is also essential, whether it is plug-in or portable. We advise you to choose a portable charger because you are not immune to queues at the phone charging stations! 

3. Sunscreen 

Often, festivals take place in spring or summer and the high heat and sun can quickly beat you down. You are not safe from a sunburn (“a stroke of love, a stroke of I love you” if you have the musical reference)! 

Sun protection is your #1 friend. Avoid the “Red as a tomato” look in your photos, and above all avoid sunstroke which could make you suffer and ruin your experience. 

4. A water bottle (empty) 

As you know, it is often complicated to arrive at a festival with your own drinks. However, it is obligatory to drink so as not to become dehydrated throughout the day! 

The easiest way is to bring a water bottle, and if you have a flexible water bottle, it's even better! You will have the opportunity to store it easily, but also to fill it easily. It's the must-have for 2024 for festivals! We remind you that you must drink at least 1.5L of water per day. 🐪 



5. Cash 

Today, with Apple Pay or contactless, you have less and less cash on you. However, it is still very practical to have some to buy festival essentials: food, drinks, souvenirs, etc. 

Check on your festival sites whether it is recommended to bring cash or not, and above all, store it in a bag that will prevent you from losing it. 

6. A backpack or a fanny pack 

Of course, to store all your belongings, you need a bag or a fanny pack. If you bring a lot of things, bring a backpack, otherwise take a fanny pack (lighter and more practical especially when it's hot). And then you are not safe from coming across some gems (merch for example?) that you will have to take home afterwards!  



7. A towel or scarf 

Often underrated, the towel or scarf is nevertheless very useful at festivals! If you don't have headgear, the scarf will prevent you from excessive sunburn on your head and sunstroke! The towel will be very useful if you are tired and want to sit down. Take one of them, you'll thank us later! 😄 

8. A disposable camera 

The disposable camera is the new fashion! Taking “old school” photos, with a bit of nice grain, which you can develop behind, is very cool. 
Anticipate and decorate your room or apartment with memorable memories of a musical moment spent with your loved ones! 

9. A rain poncho or umbrella 

Unfortunately, you may be unlucky and it rains during your festival... It doesn't matter if you don't have boots, but if you are soaked from head to toe the experience may be a bit painful... A poncho or an umbrella takes up little space and allows you to be protected in bad weather! ☔️ 

10. The outfit in the festival colors 

We finish this top with the festival outfit! It's always really nice to have the t-shirt of the program of the edition you went to! On the one hand, to live the experience 100%, on the other hand, to keep a great memory! All official festival products are here 👉🏼 FESTIVALS


What do you think ? Would you pack the same bag as us or are you planning something else? We have prepared a bag for you based on different situations that allow you to adapt whatever happens! Being without a phone for 24 hours gets complicated for everyone... 😉

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