5 chansons d’amour pour la fête des mères

· By Armelle Hillairet

5 love songs for Mother's Day

On the occasion of Mother's Day, this Sunday, May 26, you have decided to give her a touching surprise to thank her for giving birth to you, but you have no idea? We have several for you. Our material gifts are here. And today, we have decided to offer you a list of 5 songs to dedicate to your mothers during this annual event.  

1. “The proof by three” by Zazie  

The lyrics of Zazie's famous song, released with the album “Made in love” in 1998, are a true hymn to family love:  

“It’s the sum of you and me
Who gives the result
It's the two of us, the proof by three
Of the child I expect from you
The child I expect from you

It's the two of us, the proof by three
That we love each other and that we will love each other”

These words are a lovely declaration from a man to his wife, future mother 💕 A thought for Mother's Day, or future mothers!  

To discover the full song, it's here:  

2. “Heart of a rocker” by Julien Clerc  

It was in 1983 that the song “Coeur de Rocker” was released, written by Luc Plamondon and Julien Clerc. His words will appeal to more than 500,000 people, notably thanks to the declaration he makes to his mother:  

“With my rocker heart
I never knew how to say, "I love you"
Yes, but mom, I still loved you
Like no one has ever loved you”

You can re-use these pretty words to write them on a Mother's Day card and combine it with a nice gift. To discover or rediscover this song:  

3. “La mamma” by Charles Aznavour  

One of the best-known French-speaking singers of his generation offered his audience in 1963 a very moving song about Robert Gall's mother who had just died in Italy. The lyricist will choose Charles Aznavour to interpret his pain through touching words:  

“There is so much love, so many memories
Around you, you, the mamma

There are so many tears and smiles
Through you, you, the mamma”

For Mother's Day, listen to the original version of this lovely song, in Spanish:  

4. “Mama” by the Spice Girls  

On a more pop tone, the Spice Girls decided in 1997 to release a song about mothers: a true declaration of love to their mothers who accompanied them throughout their more or less rebellious adolescence.  

“Mom I love you, Mom I worry
Mom I love you, Mom my friend”

To discover the UK's No. 1 song of 1997, it's right here:  

5. “Mother” by Pink Floyd  

We end with rock, with the song “Mother” by Pink Floyd, released in 1979. The song explains that mothers sometimes tend to be overprotective of their children and that it is not always easy when we need independence and having your own experiences growing up. However, the words are very touching:  

“Mom will watch until you return
Mom will always know where you come from”

The song “Mother” is available to listen to here:  

Do you know any of these titles? Whether you prefer rock, French variety or pop, there is something for everyone! Give your mom a sweet moment of music 🌸 And if you also want to give a nice material gift, discover our selection here !

Happy Mother's Day to all moms 💕  


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