10 chansons incontournables de Michel Sardou

· By Armelle Hillairet

10 essential songs by Michel Sardou

Michel Sardou, 77, is still on stage today for the last concerts of his “I remember a farewell” tour. He had already said goodbye to singing in 2018 with his tour named “The Last Dance”, thanking his audience for 50 years of career and support , wishing to devote himself to theater. He will not have been able to stay away from the stage for long, since he returned in 2023 to perform a series of 57 concerts which will end within a few days, in March 2024. A look back at 10 essential songs that have built his career. 

1. “The Sickness of Love” (1973) 

With an eventful start to his career, the 70s marked the beginning of success for Michel Sardou, with his album “J'habite en France”, validated by the public but also by the Charles-Cros academy. Three years later, following a bad breakup, Michel Sardou released “La Maladie d'Amour” which earned him one of the greatest successes of his career, with a place at the top of the hit parade for 10 weeks. The album sold more than a million copies. 

2. “Le France” (1975) 

Released 2 years later, the song “Le France” calls on current events in France at that time: the disarmament of the liner “France”, abandoned for a year at that time, decided by Valéry Giscard Estaing. Michel Sardou makes it more than a song but a national address, the first television appearance of which clearly shows the artist's anger. 

3. “I’m Gonna Love You” (1976) 

During a flamenco show in Spain which completely seduced him, Michel Sardou chose to write a song full of emotions entitled “Je va t'aime”. It will seduce the public to such an extent that today, it is the title of the musical comedy of the same name which highlights all the most beautiful songs of Michel Sardou. Tickets to see the show are here . Official products from the musical “I'm Gonna Love You” are here .


i will love you products

4. “I fly” (1978) 

Following a few committed songs such as “Le France”, or his album “La Vieille” with controversial titles like “J'accuse”, “Le temps des colonies”, Michel Sardou alienates part of his audience. He chooses to put water in his wine by singing “Je vole”, which evokes a young man's desire for freedom and independence. 

5. “Singing” (1978) 

The same year, he offered a much lighter and more joyful title with “En chantant”. With this title, he responds to critics who qualify him as a committed singer and proves that music and singing only provide him and his audience with joy and hope. 

6. “The Java of Broadway” (1977) 

It was after a trip to the United States that Michel Sardou wrote this song, comparing French evenings to Broadway evenings. Despite the humorous tone of the song, “La Java de Broadway” wishes to confirm the singer's enthusiasm for theater and musicals. 

7. “The Lakes of Connemara” (1981) 

“Les Lacs du Connemara” is undoubtedly one of Michel Sardou’s best-known songs. It was the sound made on composer Jacques Revaux's synthesizer after a long journey (which resembled a bagpipe) that made Michel Sardou want to write a Scottish song. This title evokes the wild beauty of the Irish landscapes and has also allowed the country to increase tourist visits following the release of this hit song. This song is iconic and Michel Sardou understood it well . The artist's official products, including the “Les Lacs du Connemara” t-shirt and jacket , are online here.


michel sardou the lakes of connemara

8. “I’m from the South” (1981) 

Michel Sardou, born in Paris in 1947, grew up in the south of France and this is what he wishes to portray in this song. The lyrics address the strong connection between the singer and the south of France , as well as the memories attached to it. This song spans all decades brilliantly. 

9. “Being a Woman” (1981) 

Women's developments in the 1980s made Michel Sardou want to write about them and their desire for fairness. Do you have in mind the heady lyrics of this song “Woman of the 80s, but woman to the tip of the breasts”? This song was a great success despite a somewhat sexist judgment by certain feminist movements.  

10. “Farewell Africa” (1982) 

The committed side of Michel Sardou comes out in this song whose lyrics clearly express a pessimistic vision of the African third world. In this title, the singer evokes nostalgia for a country that he particularly loves but to which he says "farewell" . This song was successful and ranked No. 5 in sales with more than 400,000 copies sold.  

You have surely hummed some of Michel Sardou's greatest hits? Are there other songs by this artist that touched you more than those in this top? 😊 In any case, it is essential to emphasize that Michel Sardou is one of the most popular French singers of his generation.

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