What is the difference between official products and exclusive products?

Today, we centralize all the products of artists from the world of music, entertainment and theater on the OFFSTAGE platform. These products are official and come from your favorite artists. We have no influence on the design , we only facilitate the acquisition of your favorite official products .

OFFSTAGE exclusive products are however products that we will influence .

From the idea to the design, the materials and the final production, we make our own choices, in collaboration with the artists . And to ensure this design, we choose interlocutors who correspond to our commitments . The objective is to offer you new, exclusive and unique products on the market.

How do I know if it's an OFFSTAGE product ?

On a product page, you will recognize an exclusive OFFSTAGE product with several elements :

      1. ​For all products, in the bulleted list at the bottom of the page, you will see the notion "Exclusive OFFSTAGE"
      2. For clothing, in the photo of the product you want to buy, you may see a label with the OFFSTAGE logo.
      3. For clothing, in the product description, you will also be able to see the inscription "OFFSTAGE logo on label"