Nos personnages préférés de la saison 6 de Mask Singer France

· By Armelle Hillairet

Our favorite characters from season 6 of Mask Singer France

Created by South Korea, then adapted for the United States, Mask Singer has been in France for 6 seasons! After 5 successful seasons, the television channel TF1 offered it for a sixth season to spectators who were more than motivated to discover the new characters of 2024. Unfortunately, it's already over! So, we wanted to come back to this season 6 and our 6 favorite characters, together 🫶🏼  

1. The hippopotamus  

He's the big winner of this season 6 of Mask Singer! The hippopotamus hid Augustin Galiena 🤩. For those who don't know him, Augustin Galiena is a Spanish actor and singer, known in particular for his roles in France in “Clem” and “Here it all begins”.  

The clues included dancing and being a "king of your field", which actually referred to his 2008 "Dancing with the Stars" win.  

Did you guess? Like Laurent Ruquier, it was the accent that put us on the track 🇪🇸  

2. The scarecrow  

It's finally the second on the Mask Singer podium! It was indeed Gérémy Crédeville who was hiding under the scarecrow's costume. The clues are however very clear, now that we know his identity: sharing the poster with Sandrine Kiberlain (in the series “Dix pour cent”), the “golden guy” (in the “north”, he comes from Lille) ...  

We were far from it... And you? %  

3. The leopard  

From the start, many had guessed that, under the leopard costume, was Chimène Badi... This third place is fully deserved by the singer from the south! 🫶🏼  

And it was the clues from the castle, and from the emotions that led the investigators to the leopard's participation in a telehook... The other clues helped the investigators to suspect the identity of the leopard, but it was an error from her who will confirm it: Indeed, to confirm her doubts, Kev' Adams called the leopard “Chimène” and she immediately turned around... Which left no doubt as to the identity of the leopard from Mask Singer 😱  

4. The geisha  

We loved the geisha! The costume was very beautiful and original. And under it, Florent Mothe was hiding... 😜 Did you guess it?  

The singer of the musical “Mozart the Rock Opera” and “The Legend of King Arthur” had given some nice clues... In addition to a nod to the witch from an old season of Mask Singer , who was Zaho, his wife! 

5. The wig  

It was the first year that a fictional character hid behind a costume in Mask Singer! And yes, you may have seen it (hard to guess?) but it was the famous “ Ladybug ” who was hiding under a costume. This small screen star is well known by children and adored for his thrilling adventures. 🐞  

6. The pickle  

Known to the entire jury, Vincent Desagnat was quickly unmasked, under the costume of the Cornichon. Indeed, the costume was a reminder of his mother who often called him when he was young “My Big Pickle” . In any case, Kev' Adams, Inès Reg, Laurent Ruquier and Chantal Ladesou did a good investigative job to guess who was hiding under these costumes!  

After Laurence Boccolini (Unicorn) in season 1, Larusso (Penguin) in season 2, Denitsa Ikonomova (Butterfly) in season 3, Amaury Vassili (Turtle) in season 4 and finally Vincent Niclo (Husky) in season 5, it's Augustin Galiana (Hippopotamus) who wins season 6 of Mask Singer! This year, he won alongside Vanessa Hudgens (Goldfish) in the United States. Did you guess? 🦛  

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