5 cadeaux pour la fête des mères 2024

· By Christopher Grillet

5 gifts for Mother's Day 2024

Mother's Day is approaching and you are looking for an original gift for your mom? On Offstage.fr we offer a multitude of official products from your favorite artists, making it easy to find an idea that your mother will like!
Here are 5 ideas inspired by our catalog.

  1. A stylish tote bag with the image of your favorite singer

Give your mother a practical and trendy tote bag representing her favorite French singer. We offer a wide selection of official tote bags from artists like Mylène Farmer and Zazie. She can use it for her shopping, outings with friends, or simply to show her love for music.

Find here the tote bag of French pop idol , Mylène Farmer: 

  1. A notebook decorated with an artist's visual

For organized and music-loving mothers, we offer you pretty notebooks with the visual identity of their favorite artist on the cover. She can write down her appointments, her recipe ideas, or simply her thoughts for the day, while being surrounded by her favorite artist.  

With this notebook your mother will even be able to note all the efforts and gifts you make for her 😉

  1. An elegant mirror

What's more practical than a pocket mirror? For all the most stylish mothers, a mirror is the number one ally. Your mother will be able to look at herself every day, whether on transport or before a date! A practical and aesthetic gift that will make him think of you (in addition to thinking of Julien Doré).  

Julien Doré recommends giving this mirror for Mother's Day 😌 

  1. Costume jewelry inspired by a tour

If your mom likes jewelry and music, this type of gift might appeal to her. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you're bound to find a little treasure inspired by her favorite album.  

Mylène Farmer understands this well and is offering a raven bracelet for her tour, inspired by her Nevermore tour. For a Mylène fan, and for Mother's Day, this jewel is a gem!  

  1. An “ultimate fan” well-being candle for a moment of relaxation

For mothers who are unconditional fans of Mylène Farmer, we offer a candle with the identity of Nevermore. The success of Mylène Farmer's tour is no longer a secret, and this candle will please all mothers who need a cocooning moment.  

This Mylène Farmer candle will be your mother's perfect relaxation companion.  

Product :

Don't hesitate to add a small bouquet of her favorite flowers to complete your Offstage gift and completely melt your mom's heart! Nothing is too good for them. 

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