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· By Armelle Hillairet

3 reasons to go see Romeo Elvis at a festival this summer

Roméo Elvis , half-rapper, half-crocodile, as you could see in his communication. Indeed, the young rapper has made the crocodile his emblem, which also attracted Lacoste in 2018. Creative and dynamic, the rapper is on the stages of several festivals this summer, such as the Francofolies de Spa , which had a big success...  

1. For his hit titles  

Roméo Elvis is an emblematic figure of the Belgian and French rap scene. He released his first album in 2017 “Morale 2” which met with great success in France, notably thanks to its title “J’ai vu”. A year later, he collaborated with his sister, Angèle, on the title “Everything forgotten” .  

He then continued with another successful album “Chocolat” which made him known to the wider public. This album notably includes collaborations with Matthieu Chedid, Zwangere Guy, Témé Tan and Damon Albarn . “Soleil” and “Malade” are among the successes of this album.  

In 2020, he published the EP “Maison”, then in 2021 he announced the release of his new single “TPA” (of which we have the official products here ) . In 2022, Roméo Elvis released an unreleased album renamed “Everything Can Happen”, several of which he self-produced.  

2. For his new album  

Roméo Elvis is back, one year after his album “Everything can happen” , with a new EP called “Les Galeries” . He announced it on the social network Instagram, on which he revealed a few extracts in a clip that made his fans want it.

The objective of this album is to highlight rap and Brussels. The name of the EP notably highlights the “underground galleries in the mines, where we look for and find rare metals” explains the rapper. It also indicates that this name represents the different galleries present on Belgian territory.  

On this album, Roméo Elvis offers numerous featurings like Luv Resval, Caballero and Di-Meh. He also invites a certain Roswein, a little-known but very talented young Brussels resident whom his sound engineer introduced him to. “It was important to me to highlight this artist, self-taught and very clever” explains the rapper.  

3. For the shows he offers  

Romeo Elvis is a beast of the stage. Thanks to his various musical projects he has managed to form a special bond with his audience, who continue to follow him assiduously. After filling the Accor Arena in 2022, he continues this year with a festival tour which he performs with extraordinary energy.  

The Francofolies de Spa 2023 are a good example of this: on the program, an energetic Roméo Elvis, full of self-deprecation and second-rate. He throws punchlines throughout the concert such as “it’s going to go to waste” or even asks people to raise their arms so that “it stinks from the armpits” . There is no shortage of humor.  

What follows is a thunderous show, which he performs with a flexibility that gives the impression that everything is simple: emotion on “4x4” or “Portable Cassé”, rock on “Malade” or gentleness. on “Sun”. He obviously doesn't forget to ask for a pogo on his title “Pogo, Chaud”.

Roméo Elvis is one of the artists to see on stage. To take advantage of his atypical voice tone and to be involved in an energetic show. In the meantime and to support him, his official products are here 👉🏼 #TeamCroco for us 🐊


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