Micro-donations are one more step for us: on the one hand, to help associations that support various causes, and on the other hand, to correspond to our core values.

We have chosen to work with Common Cents, to offer our customers the possibility of making micro-donations. Common Cents today are: +1000 daily meals financed for the children of a school in Kenya (Rosier Life Association), 652 music lessons financed for young people in difficulty (Association Apprentis d'Auteuil), tens of thousands of donations collected which will help finance the innovative research programs of the Institut Curie...

Micro-donations are personal choices that you may or may not wish to make. This can range from a penny to a few euros. If you wish to make micro-donations, you have the possibility of tax exemption. Indeed, micro-donations can be subject to tax reductions, from the moment total donations are at least €5 per year. It is then sufficient to transmit this information to the tax services when declaring income.


We are proud to support Magie à l'Hôpital for several reasons.

The first is that the mission of this association is close to our hearts since it allows sick children to smile again thanks to magic shows. And more than a smile, the shows allow them to reduce their anxieties, lighten their mood and share a moment with family and medical staff.

The association has existed since 1999, and it has been 24 years that children have been accompanied and experience their hospitalization a little better thanks to magic. The association operates in 22 pediatric hospitals, in which 1 to 4 operations are carried out per month. 258 dreams were realized in 2022 , i.e. twice as many as in 2021, with 1 childhood dream realized every 2 days. These dreams represent 39 magicians, 94 volunteers for 1684 hours of magic and 6470 hours of volunteering.

The second is that Eric Antoine is one of the first artists to have joined OFFSTAGE and he is the sponsor of this association . Since he was 18, he has been working in hospitals to offer his time and his magic to hospitalized children.

“During these years spent alongside Magie à l'Hôpital as a sponsor, I was able to appreciate the many qualities of this association and the volunteers who make it up . I would like to emphasize, among other things, their professionalism and their rigor , qualities that are dear to me. I went to the bedside of children in hospitals with them. I was able to see the empathy, commitment and availability of these volunteers.” explains Eric Antoine.